The Auschwitz Project, or How Auschwitz Saved the World.


Auschwitz, Bad Karma, and Other Extravagances

   A compilation of Sophistry Teachings proving that all reasoning is fallacious to some degree, or other.

By Kommandant Kitten

"Mew News" from the Far Off Land of Mew. Mew! All the Auschwitz pictures are here near the bottom of this web page.

"The Dopester Book" Read me if you DARE?

"The Yoga, Yoga Book" The True Secrets of Yoga?

"The New Buddha" is brand new. I just made Him up!
This is "real" Buddhism. If you can handle it?

"The Dolphin Book" Whales Vs Fish. I like fish. Those critters eat prawns! One whale will eat at least three tons of prawns a day. That's bad!

"The Auschwitz Dialogs" The "Big Girl" (Auschwitz).
The "Big Girl" is out flirting again!
It's just that way. The Philosophy of "Camp."
The Death of the "Age of Man."
"War is Peace."
"Ignorance is Strength."
"Slavery is Freedom."

"The Persephone Book" Persephone is here, and everybody should Love Persephone. Did you know Persephone is Aphrodite? It's Spring! The Sumer Girl: the Lady of Renaissance is here! The Harvest Girl is here in time for Autumn! The Harvest Home is here! How are you eating? It's Winter! Ice Maiden is Here! Have you gotten your Christmas presents from me? Happy New Year, and Many More!

"Planet Catherine" A book of Virtues and Powers. Empathy is Evil. Malevolence: a Worldwide problem.

"The Tiberius Book" The Origins of Christianity, Ancient Israel, and the Jews in Rome. Of course, Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus: the beginning of the first Police State.

"The Goddess Catherine" If we don't have a God. Then we are going to have to build one to manage our complex lives.

"The Witchey Witch Book" The Secrets of the real honest to God Quaker Witchcraft maybe, some Other Secrets too.

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"My Persephone"

"Phaedra" A Manuel of Biological Warfare

Kommandant Kitten

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