Mew News
From the Far Off Land of Mew.
By Kommandant Kitten
Auschwitz, Bad Karma, and Other Extravagances

"The cats are out of their cages, and the mice are out, and about!"

 This is where you can find out the latest Auschwitz Project news. Here you learn more about Catharsis as Kommandant Kitten has it here more for you. This is there for purification, and wholeness. Everything here is the absolute truth except when it isn't. God let my people think!

 We have a motif of the "Big Girl," Auschwitz as a "Talking Camp" hence, the "Auschwitz Dialogs." There are many little known facts about Auschwitz. Auschwitz was never secret. You can not hide anything that big! The origin of Auschwitz as a "Wild Camp" run by a "Free Corps" before World War II. "Free Corps" in this case refers to mercenaries. The Philosophy of "Camp" is explained in some detail. The problem posed by Global Steady State Anarchy is analyzed in great detail.

 We believe Steady State Anarchy originated in a Black International. The word "Black" means the Anarchists have not renounced violence as a means to an end. Bombings, murders, rape, and other Criminal Enterprises. These are all Political Crimes.

 This Black International has evolved to become a tool of the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks want a kind of Government like the Antebellum South before the American Civil War. Witness, the Russian Kulaks owned Slaves. These Slaves are sometimes called Serfs. Catherine the Great of Russia tried to free the Serfs. The Kulaks opposed this good measure. The Kulaks would be powerless to run their farms. The Bolsheviks claim the Serfs were freed. These Free Persons are still managed by the Kulaks. It still differs but, little than the Slavery in the Antebellum South. The difference between Freedom, and Slavery is mere words. Even in the "Nazi Prison Camps" people fared much better. In the Russian Gulag System people lived like Royalty compared to the Free Men of the Bolsheviks. During the time of the Bolsheviks in Russia all the newly freed Serfs died. Isn't that wonderful?

 Why do Bolsheviks have Jewish names? This is a good question. Bolsheviks got these Jewish names by the killing of Jewish families to get them. If someone with a Jewish name is an Unbeliever. They have no God higher than their feet. Then they must be Bolsheviks relentless enemies of Judaism. This is one of the obvious signs of Bolshevikism. Pornographic thinking is another sign of Bolshevikism.  Male homosexuality is still another sign of their allegiance to the Bolshevik cause. Of course women are not permitted to do any such thing. The Bolshevik is hostile unless, they are trying to curry favor.

 Once upon a time; there were three Jewish brothers. Three Brothers Meat Company was is Austria. They had "goat" meat in these cans. After the War a Russian soldier opened this can of meat, and found an intact human thumb inside it.

  What is Global State Anarchy? Every possible agreement on anything is based on trust. We have to assume that all the parties to any agreement are Honorable. Barbarians have no Honor.

 The Liberty Bell is cracked and Liberty can't ring out of Her ever. Can She? The Statue of Liberty is Hollow; Form without any Substance. The United States Constitution is Flawed; no social rights so individual rights are Worthless. 

 Creationism is addressed in "Planet Catherine".

 One view is that perhaps Jesus Christ of Nazareth died on the Cross for the Sin of Creating Man. Jesus had to die completely to make that atonement real. Otherwise, God would be a devil because, he was responsible for creating possibility of sin in the first place. As a result of the Primal Sin of Man; God choose to remove Himself from His Creation. It is a great divorce of sorts. As a result the World was reformed along evolutionary lines. Man was no longer Man in God's Image as a result of the Fall of Man. Man's primacy over Creation was revoked as a result of the Reformation of the World. The Laws of Nature replaced the previous Laws of God, and Man. Then God has to remanifest, and reform everything according to the new, paradigm over a considerable period of time. That is to not disturb the stasis too much. Part of God's Administration we will call them the "Cats" is still intact. Thus, the Universe is up for grabs. This explains the Primordial War between the Cat, and the Mouse also, called the Devil, and His Angels.
 As "Camp" is manifesting the previous Creation is disappearing. In "Camp" matter can not be created, or destroyed. Yet, at times, and in some places plain evidence of Creation exists briefly. Let us say there was a place where there are dinosaur tracks, and also, human foot prints in slate rock. Many people have seen them. Some authorities said they were genuine. Then later, there were only dinosaur foot prints. Therefore, an Administrative oversight was corrected. Everywhere, all over the world the Mice are dying out. That is about the only good thing about the Mice. As a result the Mice are losing Their Magic.

  You are probably, wondering why Hello Kitty is there with the nativity scene. There is no blasphemy there because, this a secular celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. People view Christ differently in different parts of the World. Some people don't understand that. Yet, that celebration of Christmas can bring people to Christ, or a least they won't hate Him. A lot of people do hate Jesus Christ.
 There is a difference between the sacred, and the secular. There is a difference between public, and private in secular life. Then there is the problem of transgression. That is why Jesus Christ did not want people excluded from God's Temple because, they were poor. Also, worshipers have to own their sacrificial offering such as a dove. They are not to buy these doves inside the Temple grounds. Whatever, they bring in from outside the Temple. That is what they own. Otherwise, their offering does not count. So if doves are sold in the Temple. Then these doves must be reared there as well. What are they going to feed them? Is it the shew bread? Maybe, but, not likely. But, those birds did eat Temple offerings. That means they are sacred. Therefore, they can not be sacrificed like that. It was also, important to Jesus Christ that no commercial venue could go on during Church Services. It could later only after Service.

 Jesus Christ of Nazareth was never a soldier.

 In "Planet Catherine" Kommandant Kitten teaches about the Virtues. God's Virtue of Fear is there in Kitten's opus. All the Virtues have clothing that denote Their Rank. The Virtues all look like Little Girls but, they are very dangerous. The Virtues of God come with the Retinue of Kitten. The Virtue of God's Honor is always, big with Kommandant Kitten. That is true. This is the Ancient Virtue of Rome. When people are good with Kitten. Then the Virtues of Kitten go to them.

 We have a Yoga expose. All Yoga is not always, bad but, not good for you either. Yoga is very dangerous. Here you can find out why. This biggest reason is because, Yoga has been profaned by unscrupulous people, and barbarians to the point where all the blessings have gone sour. This is all derived from the common experience of many people as well as my own findings from my own Yogic practices. Yoga can be a system of euthanasia. Unfortunately, many people do not really know about this feature of Yoga. All of this is in the "Yoga, Yoga Book". Also, why Yoga, and similar inner directed Oriental philosophies have a very negative impact on Western Culture. Why Yoga, and Christianity don't mix. Why people shouldn't worship the klepoth from other lands. Some people think they have a powerful Love God in the American version of Krishna. They don't! It is still a klepoth! We can have Belpeor! At least He is in the Bible.

 The Kommandant knows that many people that are in the Twelve Step Programs need to be in "Camp". Since they are very vulnerable, and at risk. Presently, there is no known cure for addictive disease, and it's social consequences. "There is no simple way". That is a good Monowitz saying. Three tenths to almost one percent of American Society has people with hereditary defects that make them prone to "Addictive Disease" medically speaking. The number of people that have these genetic defects in other societies is almost nil. That is a practical fact of life.
 "Addicts" need the "Work Cure" in "Camp". Then all they have to do is be in "Camp" forever. Nobody likes junkies. They can get their junk in "Camp". They can even die from it. Who cares? In "Camp" they can work instead of stealing from Kommandant Kitten.
 One of the most evil things you can propagate in society is something to the effect that everybody is an addict of some sort. This is because, since everything in any society, or culture is based on trust. This sort of sophistry undermines, and may even destroy that trust that holds a society together. This is like, or maybe is enemy psychological warfare designed to unravel the fabric of social life. It kills democracy. It is sabotage.
 Remember, sophistry wrecked Ancient Greece.
 Fixation is a more accurate term than addiction. It is also, called a fetish.

 "Planet Catherine" explains the Philosophy of Catharsis. Some explanation of the Practice of Catharsis to free ourselves from the rotten dirt inherit
in our humanity. What sophistry is, and how it corrupts people. So called "Black Magic", psychological warfare, and malevolent empathy as they relate to the "Age of Man" also, known as the "World". Why linguistics is important. How living in the moment, or "the now" can be bad. Since, they do not plan effectively for the future. Everything appears to be dream-like to them. Hence, they do not take life seriously enough. Unfortunately, they plan our futures too. That is bad.

 "The Dopester Book" is a collection of some my observations regarding American Sap Culture.

  The Temperance Racket is described in some detail in the "Auschwitz Dialogs", "The Sap Book", "Planet Catherine", "The Witchey Witch Book", and "The Dopester Book". The Virtue of Temperance is still pouting because, there is a Satanic copy posing as this Virtue. This Temperance is a curse rather than a blessing. It is nothing but, a "Tool of the Devil". Truly, Temperance is not loudly boastful in public.
 The essence of all this is blasphemy. There may be still a law in Tennessee against it from the 1890's. This came from Mr. Vanderbelt. It is a death penalty law. "Blasphemy" is defined by law as a way of talking; that murder is good as long it is justified by God in order to get people to commit murder. It amounts to soliciting to commit murder. That law was made to control certain kinds of preaching in Nashville a.k.a. witch hunting.

 Believe it, or not Kommandant Kitten has discovered a "Mute Race of People" thoroughly described in some "Camp" literature. These people are truly mute. But, they can swear. If you take all the profanity out of their tongue they can't speak a single word in any language.
 Back then during the Third Reich they knew these people existed but, they couldn't be predominant in any society? We really need "Camp".

 Everybody knows this web site is still in the research, and development stage. Much of this stuff will be changed as new materials are found. Mind you, most of the paper was recycled at Auschwitz. So there might not be much documentary evidence at all.

  We can't say that the big Mendel has been found but, we are still looking. The "Goddess Catherine" will be updated as we get more material. This is the computing of the future of course.
  I can add to "The Dopester Book" but, maybe I won't. Can't you see it out there? Their problem isn't temperance. They are just evil. Can't you understand this rape ethic that saturates our culture? Listen to the music. Hear what the children say in the school halls. Listen to the language of the working man. He keeps swearing that he is being "screwed". The reality is he knows he is being punked. That is how you make slaves. We have got a society filled with punks. I know I am one of them along with everybody else in my country. I am not going to take it like a whore anymore. What are you going to do about it punk?

  There are "Wild Camps", or "Free Camps" that do not have an Administration. These "Camps" can be "Concentration Camps". "Free Camps" have people that agree, and they have one rule they can keep. "Free Camps" have one purpose. "Wild Camp" is a hard place that is run by Anarchists. They may, or may not be criminals. A "Wild Camp" is an intermediate phase prior to its transition into a "Concentration Camp" with an Administration.
  The Planetary Auschwitz is still "Free Camp" in the First World, a "Wild Camp" in the Second World, and in the "Third World" we see the evolution of a genuine "Concentration Camp" with an Administration.
 First, there must be a "Declaration of Camp" because, Martial Law is inadequate to maintain public order. It is generalized pattern of lawlessness that brings this about. Domestic terrorism is more than capable of doing that. Increasing populations will produce a "crowd disease" phenomena that will increase demand for "Camp". Sedition, and rebellion will invite "Camp" as a solution as prisons become filled beyond their carrying capacity. Natural, and/or man made disasters will put "Camp" right there for everyone. When they are constantly happening. Of course war is another factor. Since, war is a man made disaster. Also, class warfare when it gets severe will cause "Camp" to happen.

 What is a "Liberal"? Political definition: An ideology of experimentation on the outer fringes of society. Usually, this is benign. "Mouse Cult" has a malignant from of "Liberalism". This is doing extreme evil under the guise of helping people. All the while appropriating limitless power in order to serve them better. For example Franklin Roosevelt was an absolute dictator, and a President for Life. That is a fact that is easily verified. Also, the results of these "social experiments" are always shared with their mortal enemies like the Soviet Union. The Russians always say "Just keep it up. You will get there". Don't be a Communist because, the Mice might not like it. But, we are all in "Camp". The Mice don't like it. The Mice don't like anything because, they are evil. You just can't please the Mice. They don't like Capitalism either. They can just die then, and leave the rest of us that are left alone. Die, and stay forever. They can have Nirvana but, the rock band didn't please them. They have taken upon themselves the prerogatives of the Real Destroyers in their Satanic pride. They have to check them to see if they are really that. They might be Real Destroyers from God. The Real Watchers might be here too. Azazel, and the rest of  Them have to interview them. They might be just that. Isn't that something? There are some people that might be Real Communists. Somebody needs to find out if they really are because, Kommandant Kitten doesn't think they are. People are after the Jews again but, they don't need to be. The Mice  hate Jews but, the Mice hate everybody anyway. Because, the Mice are hostile. Hostility is not a Virtue.

 More than twice than twice the population of the United States of America died during World War II all over the world. Nearly as many have died in the subsequent "Cold War" that exists even today. You really have to have the morals of a serial rapist to say anything like this is acceptable, and good. Morally speaking war is the worst crime there can possibly be. Almost, every religion on the Planet agrees with this. Apparently, God seems to hate warriors. At the least the people that send them off to war do. Of course, they do not show it.
 It is terrible that the United States of America has never made peace in World War I since no peace treaty was ever ratified by the United States Congress. The League of Nations was part of that treaty that was to end war forever. Of course, the United States was not even dreaming of doing anything like that! It is safe to say the the United States started World War II since they never quit fighting World War I !
 Now, if that is true. Then just who is, or is not a "War Criminal"? Scalawags, Carpet Baggers, and War Criminals are still around in my home state. It is just like the American Civil War.
 "How about that"? That is a Mr. Science saying. "Science marches on"! And, it's all true. Unless, it isn't. There is now a real science of total  government.

  I have just discovered some material regarding the "Light Precept". Also, more will be revealed about the "Life Precept". Fuhrer Precept is not just about Adolph Hitler. Real Leadership should not be in question especially when it is agreed upon by the People.

 It would be good plot any movie, or dime novel for that matter of people called "der Holen" that serve the "Lake of Holly" a.k.a. "the Lake of Fire" reserved for the Devil, and His Messengers (Angels). Every time They find one they can get the "Holly Gifts" from the Holly Deity that rules the "Lake of Holly". She is "Holly" (Holy) of course. Because, They can live forever as long as They do Holly's bidding. For "the Holen" a.k.a. "the Holy" are a part of the Tree of Life. That is Holly of course. The Kommandant himself has updated the "Tiberius Book" accordingly.

 Kommandant Kitten understands this problem that Tibet has with China. You have to understand China is a sovereign country. Just like Canada is but, some people in my country don't seem to know that. Tibet is a province in China. My world map reveals this to me very clearly. All this is an internal matter in China. The Chinese do not like sedition within their borders. Other people should respect their concerns when they are in China.

 The Prisoners of War can not get much out of the Geneva Convention after Switzerland, and maybe even Sweden got bombed in World War II. Still can't. So don't be a prisoner of war. By the way, all the Allied prisoners of war were in the Auschwitz System. Most of them were executed in Auschwitz for their "War Crimes".

 How did those T4 Nurses secure difficult people? Well they gave them something like a "Stress Test". Of course, "Manhood" knows a "Real Man" can handle any stress the nurses have for them. The "Stress Test" is simple. Anybody that can be on the "outside" must be able to handle some stress, or they can go to "Camp". Any man can handle some temporary restraint in their beds, or even in a wheelchair. After they are secured then they can be dispatched easily. Usually, they wheel them right into Pathology that way the real patients are not disturbed unduly.

 I know many people are concerned with ecological issues since there are over hundred disaster scenarios that are really in the province of Public Health. Ozone Depletion is still in progress. About thirty percent of our ozone is not there. Most of the cosmic radiation is screened out by the ozone layer. That is enough radiation to kill you in about a year without any ozone layer. Northern countries like Sweden, Russia, and Canada are very concerned about these developments. Carbon monoxide since it is lighter than air is the major contributer to ozone depletion. We might be seeing even signs of global oxygen depletion. People will notice this at higher altitudes.

 The effects of radiation have been well studied, and documented since the beginning of the Twentieth Century. It started with Samuel Morse's telegraph. When they experimented with different electrical frequencies. Some people could hear Morse Code right there in their heads from the telegraph lines only. The Native Americans really hated it. They were certain they were killing their ancestors with this code. And, so the natives attacked the lines incessantly for that reason. It was destroying the Ghost Dance Religion. That is really terrible?
 You see the Ghost Dance comes out of the Biblical "Revelation of St. John the Divine" as well as some of the Letters from St. Paul regarding "the Rapture". It is another form of terrible Christian heresy. Heresy is terrible isn't it?

 "Camps" are instruments of Peace. "Camp" puts an end to War because, "Camp" gets rid of the cause of War. The cause of War is internal strife.

 We have to write about charities. "Charity begins at home" so they say but, Charity is a Catharsis Virtue. The Virtue of Charity is more than human. That is why many people support Charity. Charity is there to look after the people that support Charity according to the Ways of God's Hierarchy. So Charity is sacred.
 But, the "Mouse Cult" has other charities. Again this is the work of the Great Impostor.

 We talk about Devils, and other mythical devices here as Catharsis exercises. That is true. Everything here is in terms of myth. A myth is a relation we have together as an explanation of life. The "Mouse Cult" is mythical, hopefully.
 Yet, it could come into being. That is something to be very afraid of. Hence, the Godly Virtue of Fear guides us on our Way.
 Always being aware that the Impostor is there too trying to stampede people towards destruction. Other words, phobias that have no reasonable basis are the work.

 Now, we have talk about Race here. Just because, I am "White" does not mean I have to hate anybody. They do not harm me. That is true. A Negro is not a "White Man" with dark skin. It is very insulting to imply that since that is "tokenism". That is true. They have earned their place here in in America, and President Obama knows that.

 What is very painful is can these people can really be  possibly "White"? But, they are. They are not a credit to my Race. I Hate this Counterfeit of "White Racism" in my country. It is some kind of counterculture agriprop. Those people are worthy of Auschwitz of course. Now, that we all live in this global "Camp" they created.
 Maybe, they are Another Race apart from my Race. Truly, they are not My People! It's "Whitey" again.

 The "Real Black Mew News" is here: You can find it all out, and then some. There were Negro Pharaohs, and Negro Roman Emperors.  How about that! But, can they handle it! Because, they better! Their time is here with President Obama. Obama hates Mice (Spies Against America). Obama hates people fomenting racial hatred when there isn't any too much.

 The Virtue of Fortitude gives people "Intestinal Fortitude". That is "Will Power" to overcome Temptation. God's Holy Virtue of Fortitude is associated with the Power Will.

 Kommandant Kitten is a recovered "Human" after giving up humanitarianism. There is Hope that we all can recover from Humanism, and with science, and technology that is more than certain.

 In the Great War between the Cat, and the Mouse. The Mouse Planet has been taken by surprise! Caught in the midst of their Celebration of Life, and Death. But, the Mouse People are striving hard to get their technicians, and scientists to bring up their awesome "Rodent Technology". If they can they may still stand a chance of surviving.

 "Camp" did a lot to make China a much better place to live. Has anybody seen the movie "The Good Earth"? Anyway, these people are at the mercy of forces of Nature.
 Mao had a different vision. Mao understood something as they were fighting the Japanese. Traditionalism had to go. The old ways didn't work anymore. That family vendettas had to be stopped at all costs. These secret societies had to be purged out of the nation. This was to get people loyal to their government. Everything in a society depends on trust. The Cultural Revolution worked towards these ends. Closing society, maintaining boundaries, creating "Camp" sorting people out. Then the people could be better educated, and trained in the ways of Civilization.
 The "Stainless Steel General" still lives forever in the People!
 The Mouse Cult has got this Freedom Cult in China, and that has harmed countless people in China with this Cult of the American Revolution. Likewise, in Bosnia, and innumerable countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tunisia. This is truly despicable in the Eyes of my People.
 The Kommandant has an interesting tidbit for all you computer hackers out there as well as anyone that uses Microsoft products.
 DOS, and Windows are creations of Microsoft. They are written in machine code. Samuel Morse had Morse code. Question: Can you copyright code? Can a domestic, or foreign spy agency claim copyright infringement, and theft of intellectual property regarding their codes? Was Morse code a patent, or a copyright? I hope somebody can answer these questions for the Kommandant. Good luck on this one. Since the Kommandant is not sure if Microsoft was ever challenged in court regarding these issues.
 Kommandant Kitten believes that machine code should be patentable. That gives Microsoft seventeen years plus an extension to make money on this code they claim to own.
 If you are still hacking that is a major crime that can get you killed in many countries. They will send agents to carry out what they believe to be a lawful death sentence in absentia. Be warned.

 Can we sell California back to Mexico? That is if they will take it? Maybe, maybe not. If that state is not making a profit then maybe the Mexicans need to run it. The Mice are especially bad in California! The Mice are terrible in Hollywood!

 Look for gold if you suspect a place is bugged. Most spy gear has some gold  it. This can be found with a really good metal detector.
 But, a real listening post is incredibly expensive. Until this can be fully automated chances are even if a place is bugged probably nobody is listening. Unless someone is saying something really valuable.
 Industrial spying has become an extreme industry in my country. Be warned!

 The word "high" is frequently found in malevolent sophistry. That is spy work. This ideal of "high" has done more damage to American Culture than anything before, or since. If somebody says they are "high" what does that mean? Are they crazy in a moment of folly? It might not be drugs of course? Are they physically ill? They might be drunk? What about religion? What about an ideology? Somebody says they are "high" on Jesus? What does that mean? It doesn't look like anybody is doing any levitation since that is imposable. It doesn't really mean a state of higher consciousness because, people that are "high" are really stupid.

 Get rid of all that Sophistry regarding drugs. First, get rid of all the drug culture language out of an addict. Then make them work in "Camp". Suddenly, they are not addicts any more. That is remarkable isn't it? Cause of addiction is sophistry.
 The "News Gang" needs to be dealt with. This is not a question of Free Speech. It is getting rid of propaganda, and psychological warfare against the population of my country. This is commercial speech that is ideologically motivated.
 Following the example of liquor, and cigarette advertising such broadcasting can be banned. Do really you want to know about "black tar heroin"? If there is such a thing? How about how to make meth? Maybe, the latest locker room craze about steroids? Where you can pick up a whore? What about making bombs? Don't you want know how to make a zip gun? Do want to poison your mother?
 Most of this stuff is make-believe that exists in somebody's dirty mind. There are some people that have a really perverse intellect.
 The Good News is "Camp" can be right there for such people always. In "Camp" they can even learn to work for a living instead of living off of us. What a concept!

 The idiot tends to go into a trance-like state. Where the limbic system is dominate. So their brain is not fully functional. They are not exactly insane. They experience a sort of euphoria since they are free from the pain of thinking. But, they don't have a conscience. They may even experience visions of angels, demons, talking dogs, or whatever. They will act on these visions. They will obey another authority rather than the lawful government. So "Radiator" is in control. He is the big sun guy talking to them. We'll say it is something like that. "The Mind of Mr. Soams" is a movie Kommandant Kitten recommends as an example of this phenomena. That is why idiots need "Camp" to control them.
 The idiot is colonial. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is recommended by Kommandant Kitten.
 Visionary people that aren't idiots still retain their reason, and moral sense. They are always very skeptical. Even though normal people will experience visions at some point in their lives. They maybe, "Spirit" led. But, they also understand that the Holy Spirit of God will never tell them to do anything that is immoral, or unlawful.

 What about the idiot savant? "The Fighting Man of Dover" (Delaware) was one. He was an idiot who has a "gift" that is a measure of Grace. And, it is also a "doom", a "weird", an uncanny skill of fighting.
 "The Fighting Man of Dover" knows everything about the fine art of boxing. As a matter of fact the "Fighting Man of Dover" is boxing itself. He is unbeatable in the ring. He is a light middle weight boxer. He is a hundred, and eighty two pounds of pure fighting power. He is terrific in a cage match. He doesn't have enough intellect to be a professional boxer. He has to stay an amateur prize fighter. He never leaves his home town of Dover. Because, he is the "Fighting Man of Dover".
 His whole identity is wrapped up in that. It is much more than a role. It is truly who he is. It is his life.
 He can live as long as the "Fighting Man of Dover" has a place in Dover, Delaware. He earns a living mostly as a "muscle man". He is very good at it. He is not living by his wits. He is living out a doom. He is now in his late forties. He has been the "Fighting Man of Dover" since he was a little boy.
 He can't live with his relatives. He is the "Fighting Man of Dover". He can't live with anybody including a spouse, and two children because, of who he is. You can't change him without destroying him. Many people make this mistake since they believe the "Fighting Man of Dover" is somehow like they are. It is not a role. That is bad empathy! Racially centered people understand that people are different. They leave people alone with their difference. They respect the identity of others.
 Some people believe in diversity as long as it is uniform. Unisex might be an example. They have lazy minds. Complexity frightens them.
 People will die when they lose their identity. Psychological warfare attacks people's identity.
 How would you like to be standing some place, and this idiot starts up against you? Before, you can react to this, he has already hit you five times before you even realize it. He is the "Fighting Man of Dover". Be warned! There are more like him.
 Eventually, he finally killed couple of people. That got him in trouble with the authorities. The "Fighting Man of Dover" died in an institution for the criminally insane. Good riddance!

 Meditation is not always a process of reintegration. Meditators become more sensitive therefore more irritable, and aggressive. They become more obsessional. There are certain meditation practices that involve a dumbing down of the intellect. The "seed" of their meditation practice is bad. This is where "black magic" comes from. There is a denial of reality. This is in some folkways, and Oriental religions. Unfortunately, people usually don't know that.

 It has been found that our missiles are not safe from Anarchists. The American military has actually studied the problem. Worse yet, a Congressional Committee found a pair people entered the White House, and almost got next to the President of the United States without being challenged.

 The Third Reich hated Jehovah's Witnesses. They always asked them who they were witnessing to?
  "Africa" talk to me since Kitten the Last of the Pure Carthagians! Kitten is the First, and Last of the Great Goths. Adi Aimin Dada talk to me. Dada powerful. Dada good with Kommandant Kitten always. How about that? He good Sergent. How come "Christian" is not good when Adi Amin Dada in power? Could it be this "leaven"? The leaven of treason, sedition, espionage, and other criminal activity. That is bad in Christianity. Jesus hates gospel like that! God hates a lying tongue.
 You see Adi Amin is a Real Leopard. The Mice can't handle anything like that. Kommandant Kitten isn't anything like a Real Leopard but, Kommandant Kitten will have to do for now, until more Leopards are happening, and they are. How about that?

 There about three million people that die in the Third Word that mean "Turd World" to Kitten's enemies. "Camp" gets rid of that! Every stinking bit of that! The "Shame of Christ" hates Kitten. The "Stink of God" hates Kitten even more. It is good to hated by racketeers in God's Churches. More better is to be hated by the Stink of God which is hypocrisy! That is Good! Kitten is judged by the people that hate Kitten. Then Kitten judges them too. According to the "Golden Rule"!

 The Preacher of Evil is warning people about any changes in Churches that definitely are not good. The Mice are on the Move. If they ever get in you will lose your church. There is no sanctuary. Because, that is a Social Right. Here in my country even Society has no right to exist. The United States Supreme Court said so in several rulings. This also applies to Jews in their Synagogues. Take heed.
 The Holy Bible, King James Version. Jude 4 "For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the Grace of our God into lasciviousness (Evil), and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ".
 That warning is there concerning Bacchus (Mithra). It is not an anti-sex message exactly. Even though Bacchus was worshiped as sort of Fertility Deity. The Devil when naked is Bacchus. When the Devil is clothed He is Mithra wearing His Cloak of the Heavens, and His Dagger that pierces everything.

 My country is now in a State of Social Death. That is why people can see visible evidence of Social Decay. That means people can plainly see a Landscape of Visible Damnation because, the ability of our Planet to support life is being damaged. A truly polluted World. The Evil of the Anti Christ truly manifested among us.

 Mouse Doctors are saying conditions like morbid obesity are "normal". Since there is a large Cult of Mortality in American Medicine. Everywhere you can see people suffering from a constellation of conditions that can be cured but, they are not. Kitten does not believe that a Cult of Mortality should exist even in Pathology.

 Fortunately, given the present trend towards standardization in American Medicine. We can get rid of all those expensive doctors by automating everything. Not anyone wants a robotic Nurse. But, Nurse can plug your doctor in for you. Even if you are getting hospice, hopefully you're not on the "fast track". That means they want that bed!
 If you are good with Nurse Grace. Then Nurse Grace will be good with you. This is how you stay alive in a hospital. Because, nurses are in charge of keeping you alive in any hospital. Also, triage is there in every hospital.
 Getting back to your robotic doctor. Now, mind you "robodoc" can not do surgery yet. But, robodoc does beat the competition in diagnostics. Score is robodoc 93%, and human doc is about 70% intern to 90% experienced specialist. Unfortunately, the human doctor's diagnosis will stand for the rest of that person's life. Robodoc on the other hand is approaching 100% in diagnostics.
 Given these statistics. Let us say Doctor Sham is someone that has no medical knowledge at all. Doctor Sham has several very good Nurses, and a well trained Staff. Now, "Catherine's Hospice" is open for business. Doctor Sham is an enemy agent. People do not know this is not a hospital. No one knows that Nurse Catherine (Purity) is in that hospital.
 Now, there is a plus side to this. Nurse Catherine might like you. That could be anything. You are not in hospice! Catherine can access all your medical records. In the prison system Catherine can access everything that is on the Horizon.
 This is really good too. Catherine can get you the very best medical treatment that will actually work.

 Want to build your own hot tub? First very hot water can make men sterile. Of course really hot water can burn you. Pay attention to that.

 The Kommandant does not like sabotage to be glorified in the media. There is a lot of hate, and brutality in this media too. Usually, this is done under the guise of humor. Why do people laugh? There is the Laughter of Destruction every time somebody is hurt. Sometimes, laughter is an expression of horror. Evil can be funny. There was "Mighty Mouse" in the 50's. This is glorifying lawbreaking along with a rather lengthy list of television, movie, and comic strip characters. Have you watched "The Simpsons"? It doesn't make Kitten feel good about nuclear power. Not, when it is handled like! What about "Beavis and Butthead"? In one episode they broke into a restaurant, and served food with bugs in it. Mind you the police never catch them. They are unpunished for this extreme wickedness. Humor can be subversive. Guess what? Kitten used to laugh at this sort entertainment too. Then Auschwitz came into Kitten's life. Kitten does not want to eat food with bugs in it.
 "If I am not funny. Please don't beat me!" Lenny Bruce warming up at a night spot in the 50's.

 Kommandant Kitten has added the "Sap Book", and the "Witchey Witch Book" to the "Library of Camp".
Happy Halloween folks!

 "The New Nurse Book" is a must read for anyone in Nursing. The original German version is ideal. There might be some tips on how to deal with Cancer Fighters in Hospice. They are in there fighting the world with their cancer.

 The Saturnalia (Fellini's "Satyricon" an excellent movie on the subject) is another name for the Bacchanalia. That is a "Landscape of Hidden Damnation" disguised as a party of some kind. Usually, it is a burial party. In most cases everybody dies. This is to update the "Planet Catherine" material.

 There is material from the Plague times in Europe "Another Christ Another Way".

 Kommandant Kitten warn everyone about these dangerous "Space Cults". Now, you wouldn't believe that in Auschwitz they noted the same phenomena outside "Camp".
 Now, Kommandant Kitten gives some examples of some genuine "Space Cults". They have a convention of the Space Men located at Big Rock near, or in the Joshua Tree Nation Monument, California. "The Rapture" is classic "Space Cult". The Ghost Dance Religion is another one. So is the Manson Family. Are "Space Cults" dangerous?
 Kommandant Kitten has found more "Mew News". Beware! Kommandant Kitten might be a Communist! This is all there to reap souls, and rot minds. Pay attention. Actung!

 Katharis is Kool! It is good to be a Kitten. Mew!

 The truth is your soul isn't yours exactly. The rot is already in your mind. Kommandant Kitten is just showing you what is already there. You should take it personal. Clean up your house! That is your life fool!
 What is all this Leftist stuff but, another form of Quakerism? "There is nothing new under the Son"? But, you're not Jesus! If you are please let Kommandant Kitten know you are really God. Then everyone in the world can come, and worship you. But not, likely. True.
 Incidentally, Kommandant Kitten recommends the movie "Bye Bye Birdie" for an exclusive look inside all American Quaker culture. This subculture still exists in isolated parts of America. It is certainly worth a few essays about what happens if this is real. Another movie worthy of your attention is "The Music Man". Did you know it would cost over a million dollars to equip a marching band in this manner? 76 trombones, 110 cornets, and so on and on and on.

 Albert Anastasia had something against heroes. Kommandant Kitten wants to know why. Is it "Mouse Business"? Apparently, it wasn't. True. There was a Cult around the Hero during Prohibition. Albert didn't like it because, it was bad for America back then. "A hero ain't nothing but, a sandwich". That's what he said.
 Maria likes them anyway. In Auschwitz those heroes are real lifesavers. Kommandant Kitten eats hero sandwiches too. Nothing but, heroic proportions between a sliced bun will do here a.k.a. a hoagie, or submarine sandwich.
 The Hero is form of human sacrifice in the Religion of Ancient Rome.

 Just how bad do junkies want heroin? Word is on the streets they have just reopened Auschwitz. The "Big Girl" has the "lady" for them if they will do some work there. All over the world the junkies are converging on Auschwitz. All the junkies in the world are in Auschwitz. They always knew they were in Auschwitz anyway. Now, wouldn't that be a shame?

 The Mouse is a metaphor. We could also, say it is like a computer virus. You download a "browser". Once this "program" is installed you go out on the internet. While you are busy surfing the internet. This browser is corrupting your data. Finally, you have found the website you deserve. Now, your computer is being cleaned of the terrible "Windows virus". Aren't you so lucky? Maybe, not. But, you can reinstall everything. If you have anything to install. Your work? Gone! Why don't you try Linux?

 A new variant of the AIDS virus was found in Bangladesh. We will call it AIDS III, or it evolving into something like that. Here this AIDS virus shows a striking similarity to rabies in the way it immediately infects the central nervous system of a hominid.
 Now, there is a man. His is entirely infected with AIDS. Now, that virus is sentient. A rabid dog is sentient too. That means a person that has it like that is something like a werewolf. Somehow, that virus wants to continue to live, to evolve, and become something more. Since, in both cases this virus can not stop the progressive degeneration of the host. Then it must find another host. Because, viruses want to spread. People will want to give this "gift" to others.
The intelligent stage of the disease begins almost at once. Later on, these people will turn into living petri dishes.

 Speaking of petri dishes. There has been quite a few breakthroughs in human population control. The human immune system is organ specific. The vagina, and the uterus can be fooled into attacking human sperm as an invading microorganism. Certain common bacteria have been cultured to have the qualities of human sperm. Yet, still trigger an immune response. It will also cause a woman to conceive with great difficulty. What if this stuff got loose?

 Speaking of spy work "adoption" is one of the most evil spy devices ever! Not to mention the so called exchange programs between countries. Both practices must be banned by federal, and state law as espionage work. These adopted children may eventually return to their home countries as enemy agents. Cross cultural adoptions of Native Americans are viewed as that by the way. Likewise, that practice must be banned. Child stealing should carry a death penalty in all cases especially stranger abductions.
 The adoption racket needs to be put down. No government agency in any adoption process due to widespread abuse of power. Any such systems need to be dismantled. As a matter of fact the practice of adoption can be outlawed.

 "This Radio Free Hate: It's free but, you really have to pay for it sooner, or later guy. Full Spectrum Coming Right At Cha! Hey! How is it going Chubs? Is it endocrine disruption?" "What's the matter Cat got your tongue"?

 Christamas is coming! "The Sound of Music" is in Salzburg, Austria. Haunted by the Ghost of Eichmann Past, the Ghost of Eichmann Present, and the Ghost of Eichmann Future. Not exactly "A Christmas Carol" but, it will have do these days. Charles Dickens will understand. It is a class thing. But, Kommandant Kitten might go there to see the damned thing. Kommandant Kitten can almost see Quisling rattling his chains.
"Scrouge! Scrouge! What are you doing Austria"?

 Winston Churchill is hard to explain. There will be more material on him later. Also, we are gathering more material on Hess, and his role in starting World War II.

 Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Now, Kommandant Kitten has been working primarily on the "Witchey Witch Book". This is real Quaker magic. The primary audience is girls. There will be more information on psychometry. To wit the measurement of the duration, force, precision, etc. mental processes. There will be major changes on all the books here. "The Camp Book" is up for all you happy campers. That is if there are any. But, there could be later. The "Holly Sophistry" will be worked on more as needed.

 Doesn't everybody hate "Whitey"? "Whitey" has so much to say about Martin Luther King no Negro can can get a word in edgewise. "Whitey" is always fawning all over the Negros. "Whitey" is a big voice on the radio. You just can't shut him up! "Whitey" keeps puffing the Negros in the press. "Whitey" is always talking about the past oppression of "people of color". "Whitey" filled is with self hatred. "Whitey" is a racial vampire. "Whitey" figures all people are like him. "Whitey" doesn't know people are different. Shhhh. Don't tell him. That will spoil it for him.
 Doesn't "Whitey" know Obama is President of the United States of America? Believe it, or Not Negroes don't need "Whitey". They actually want to put "Whitey" in "Camp". "Whitey" desperately needs real psychiatric treatment. Did you know slave making is not charity? "Whitey" needs to shut up, and let somebody else say something. The Negroes can speak up. I never said they couldn't.
 Then "Whitey" can shut up about immigrants too. Some of those people can say something. God! That would be democracy wouldn't it?
 There are signs that Barak Obama is one of our saner United States Presidents that we have ever had. Don't quote me on this. Not too much, anyway. Okay, the word is out. Odds are Obama will beat his Republican opposition like a gong!

 Did you know addiction is a psychosis? That means they are criminally insane. An addict label can get you killed. Maybe, legally in many countries. "That's as serious as a heart attack". Junkies aren't cool. "Alckies" are not cool either. People like that don't have any civil rights, or liberties. Quakerism is bad. That is because, it such a big part these indoctrination centers called "schools". That is where these labels come from. Or is this nothing but malevolent sophistry? See we don't need Jews to kick around. Not when we can make "Quaker goats". "Whitey" won't mind it.

 Mew! The  Auschwitz Project is a year old. That 's great.

 Now, lets see if we can say something about Communism. About forty five years ago Kommandant Kitten wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Why the United States was waging war on Communism, and so forth. Being from a military background. There must be a good reason why. There isn't. Millions of people have died for nothing that any sane person can possibly believe in.
 You may not believe that. But, Communism does work in many cases. Some people can not accept that. But, Communism does. That is when it is pragmatic.
 Kommandant Kitten will share a secret of getting government working. Purge it! That is pretty, pretty harsh. Be that is the way it really is. Kommandant Kitten is trying to explain one of the most difficult subjects imaginable. That is Communism.
 Firstly, Kommandant Kitten does not believe that America has had anything like real Communism that anybody would ever want anywhere in any country! That's true!
 Next is why? Because, this country is too barbaric! That is true.
 Can my country have any politics? Not if my government is being sapped from without. Who is doing that? It seems to be "Americans". Are they real American citizens? That is a good question.
 Doctor Quiz says they aren't exactly Americans. In any way most Americans understand what an American is. Kommandant Kitten is hopping mad. Because, Kommandant Kitten loves America.
 Learning to hate the Mouse is a good starting point! This country needs to be policed!
 America is filled with these Reptiles! These are mean groveling, sneaky, nasty, despicable people as defined in "Webster's Dictionary". These "Reptilians" are not from outer space. They appear to be native to my country.
 Kommandant Kitten is going to be a United States Senator from the great state of Tennessee.
 Here is the the political platform of Kommandant Kitten. First, take our country back. It does belong to American citizens by the way. Second, police this country, and enforce the laws fairly. Thirdly, leave business alone, and let people work. Working is good! Government must support work. Not undermine industry in any way, shape, or form. That's good. Now, how is that going to happen? First, Kommandant Kitten is going to get rid of SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization). All our military can come home. Next, Kommandant Kitten will reign in the United States State Department making them accountable to the United States Congress by unfunding all domestic programs that the State Department has. Kommandant Kitten is going  to get rid of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). All those Americans can come home too. Kommandant Kitten will close all United States military bases overseas. All those nuclear powered ships can be scraped. That material can go into nuclear power here in my state of Tennessee. Kommandant Kitten looked at his electric power bill. It could be less.
 What is going to happen to to United States military? They going be given another mission. The NSA (National  Security Administration) will be in these forts called diplomatic missions. Their mission called code breaking. Of course, their domestic role will be expanded to included as investigating anything that harms the business of America as business. Once they find it they need to act militarily. That is to bolster the economy of America. They are good! They need to keep it up! They can get more people from the United States military. That is an expanded mission other than code breaking. That is the power to stop treason in America! Read "None Dare Call It Treason". The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) needs to be beefed up. The CIA needs to be increased. They have way to far to few personal! They need at least triple that! Then America must get real intelligence! Then the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) must have an increased role to get rid of counterfeit medicines. Then all these military that are left over. If there are any will go into policing my country. Of course, there will be more policing.
 Kommandant Kitten likes policing. That is why my place is watched by real police to get rid of crime.

 Here is a absolutely funny story about life in China. There is a man. He is a real Chinese Beatnik. He can write songs. His poetry sounds a little bit weird in English. He has a fake "I pad" that he hopes will impress the girls with his status as a rich Chinese man. When he gets time off he works on his Beatnik art a lot. Two girls have shown up to look at his stuff. They are both Chinese police. They want to know if he can really get anything from America? Our Beatnik is running Microsoft Windows PE (Pirate Edition). He has a pack of Camel cigarettes. But, they seem to be made in China. He has been told to go the Auschwitz Project. He can print the "Witchey Witch Book". It is being printed for them. Something bad just happened. Anonymous has hacked his machine. He is getting a can of worms into his prized system. His machine has more viruses than Fort Dietrich, Maryland. This is all coming courtesy some people in New York state. This is democracy at work. He can appreciate it. Maybe not. The police girls are really impressed with this beautiful demonstration of true oppression. Everything has printed out good however. His a copy of Kitten's witch book. He can read it for them. They want see if he can translate English into Chinese. "Bablefish" can kind of do that. But, his machine isn't up to it. As matter of fact most of his files have been hopelessly corrupted or deleted. The viruses have even got into his CMOS. But, he doesn't have a disk to restore his BIOS. His computer computer won't boot up. "Can't he show them his beautiful art?" They are asking him things like that. He bawling like baby. He sounds like a one man maternity ward. All the work he ever done. All his contacts. Gone! No one can get any of his stuff back. They are going to take him to the police station. But, not right now. He sounds really great. They are playing with him. You know cruel girls can be sometimes. You see our Beatnik forgot something. He is Chinese. He is in China. He should have stuck to canning mushrooms. They are actually pretty good. One of the cannery girls actually reported him. Chinese Beatniks don't seem to fit in the work regimen there. 

 There will be a running commentary on these photographs as Kommandant Kitten finds them. 

This is photograph of Auschwitz circa 1940. This appears to be fall. The "Camp people" need more clothing. This is an Auschwitz promotional picture. This is Birkenau still under construction. That "Camp" is almost unknown. There should be pictures of them getting off the train if that is how they got there. They may be Jewish. At least that is it made to look like they are. They could be from Russia even.

This is the same group of people. Picture was taken in Birkenau 1940.

This might be Berkenau.  This is definitely early winter. That band is going to play for three hours. Everybody is going to hate it. Early winter has temperatures ranging from 20F to -30 below zero Fahrenheit. But, they have to get ready for Christmas. Everybody "loves" Christmas because, this is when the staff gets presents. This is a case study in Auschwitz "Screw Culture" a.k.a. prison guards.





These trials are what they are. It doesn't seem like anybody is happy with the results.

 Could this be a promotional picture? It might be. It shows they are actually being buried instead of running loose in Poland. They said they died of a sickness of some sort. Probably true. They show obvious signs of wasting syndrome. Normally associated with starvation but, not always. It is due to the triage always present in these "Camps". New arrivals might not get fed much even if they are not to be executed. It was possible that people might arrive in "Camp" in this condition.

After they have dug the hole featured in the previous picture. They can keep filling it up. Time is 1943. That is Auschwitz III. Can not seem to get food for the workers. The workers can't go back to Birkenau either. It was due to an Administration error in Birkenau. Those industries were supposed to provide food at least for the staff. Those SS Guards are the ones putting those bodies into that hole. Fortunately, that was a small "Camp" with only a few hundred people in it. Auschwitz over time spawned many different "Camps" most of them made it. Of course. some of them didn't.

 The "Miracle of Camp" is in progress. Time probably 1938, or thereabouts. "Camp" is good. People can live there. Otherwise, they won't.

This is more of it. It is a miracle they can work like this.

  These people are Russians! Circa 1939. What are they doing there? These are real "Camp Persons". Auschwitz is a reeducation, and training facility. There cothing is from their particular Commune. Communes do not have an Administration.

  You could marry one of these girls. They would be loyal companion of yours forever. But, we don't have anything like them here in my country. Mouse Play is really bad. Mouse Play wrecks relationships in anything. It is devastating.

These people are now in "Camp". They are going to be assigned work, and training.

Look what we have got here. These men have made through selection. They are not naked since, they have to be photographed to promote Auschwitz. These are Kanadians from Jerusalem.

They are all heavy weights in Birkenau. Look! Isn't that a beautiful place? It doesn't seem bad does it. Alcatraz would probably put them on bread, and water. Here is the quiz. Would they be better off in Alcatraz being Jewish gangsters, and all that sort? That is what the Germans say they are. If they are lucky they will work for Maria of Auschwitz. They have to, or else. Yet, they will make it as Capos. They will lose everything, and they will gain Auschwitz. That is the price of it all. But, what do you have. Here is the quiz. Is it worth it? We want to know that.

 This is an excellent photograph of Arrival in Auschwitz probably circa 1943 or abouts. Maybe, you can understand why Kommandant Kitten likes to concentrate on founding of Auschwitz in probably 1938, or earlier. But, all the Auschwitz "Camps" are full! Auschwitz's resources are not able to handle any more people. In our Planetary "Camp" resources are running out. New arrivals on Planet Auschwitz are going to have a hard time living anywhere.

These are real people. Maybe, not quite like you. But, what makes you so good? They didn't make it. Triage said so. If you think this was wrong. Then why is this rottenness still around? Are you accepting the unacceptable?

Auschwitz is full. This does not look good for the new arrivals. Those are storage facilities for what appears to be Auschwitz I. It is about ten miles to Birkenau. They are not going to make it there.

Note the crematoria building on the other side of the fence. There are four "cremos" that are not in use. That is being done for the sake of these pictures. Otherwise, you may not be able to see very much.

  What about the people that framed the "Jewish Question" in the first place. People that believe mass killing is justified. They are not in Nazi Germany. As a matter of fact these animals are still around.  Here is another quiz. What do you want to do about that?

They are not in Auschwitz I yet. The Polish partisans could get them away under the guise of some ruse they have. Let us hope somebody will save them. Auschwitz, and the partisans actually got along.

Notice the Administration building behind this crowd featured here in this picture.

This is the same group of people going into Auschwitz I. Here is the quiz. Which "Auschwitz Camp" do you like the most? Is it: Auschwitz I, Birkenau, or Monowitz? You being in the "Global Camp". Which "Camp" is closest to the "Camp" you are in? The environmentalists all say so. Maybe, that isn't true yet. And, the band plays on. Don't worry your are not going to die today are you? Sooner, or later you are going to have to face the music. But,  what would they have to say about you if you were in their place, and they were in yours? Questions?

More of the journey of the doomed.

They are going to die, probably terribly. Death hurts.

This is Birkenau. They are all in the woods. Not quite in "Camp" yet, technically. But, the Administrators do not want to be encumbered with all the record keeping when they bring them officially into "Camp".

 If they are not officially in "Camp". Then Berkanau is not obliged to give them food. They may get water. The water is good. It won't kill them.

 There was a kind of "depression". We can call it that. This was the "give-up-itis" that killed so many United States POWs in Korea. It is a kind of lethal depression in itself would kill probably kill half of them when combined with the trauma of being uprooted.

 As starvation takes its toll. This group will much easier to manage later.

  They could run off. They actually could. But, where are they going to go? It is not that hard to leave Auschwitz. But, this is the best chance at life they have. That is it. This all they have.

 They are not much different from us, or even you. But, somebody in Hungary thought they were that different. They could have been Nazis. Some were. They could have been Jews. That happened too. Somebody had a vendetta. This is the logical conclusion.

Unfortunately, this picture has been hacked out of this page. Apple will contacted regarding the misuse of the Photo Shop Program. We see if we can inactivate the Adobe Photo Shop to stop the Destruction of History on the Inter Net. This picture may be still be there in the Historical Auschwitz Site in Poland. If that picture has been hacked out of that Museum. We will look for Photo Shop, and its Clones to destroy those Programs. Since, they have become Illegal Hacking Tools.
This is Berkanau, and they are in the woods. There won't be a selection, because the "Camp" is full.

They have arrived at their final place in Birkenau. You notice the pit has been dug a safe distance from the trees. This place is not yet finished. The earth moving equipment is in use somewhere else at the moment. Then all the fuel for this improvised crematoria as to come there too. Somebody could buy them out of "Camp" but, that won't happen because, the rest of the world is to busy fighting a silly war. People still say that war was justified, and Kommandant Kitten knows it wasn't. They can talk to the people in those fire pits because, they certainly deserve to go to Hell. Most of them are already there, and the rest can follow them. Die, and stay dead forever. They are the Forever Dead. They are not the SS. Not even close to as good as they were. Just filth incarnate. They are still around living, and moving among us. Kommandant Kitten wants all these War Mongers in "Camp". "Camp" can help them. "Camp" is good.

These people have been told to smile. Arrangements for their orderly disposal are near at hand. Here is the quiz. How do you think these people are going to die? Death hurts a lot always. The process of dying is terrible too, of course.

  Ther are all the people waiting to sort everything out.

 Here is a Chairman that appears to be going to Auschwitz 1. God only knows why. But, maybe he is another Stephan Hawkins (astrophysics) like science person, probably rocketry. He is obviously deformed with signs of chronic lead poisoning. There is evidence of long term starvation. He will be fed sparsly until his digestive system can handle food again. He is from the Warsaw Ghetto.
 Apparently, the "Camp Pathologist" spotted an extreme  example of bovine tuberculosis. That is why this person is deformed. Mengele  wanted to use an experimental treatment for this disease. The "Big Girl" was trying every variation of the sulfa drug family. They could arrest  the progress of the disease.  He did die from tuberculosis in his lungs two years later. But, the sulfa drugs did get rid of the disease elsewhere, in his tubercular body. But, these drugs can only be given three times without killing him.
 Sulfa drugs did work on bacterial meningitis. One of the most feared diseases in "Camp".
 This man is somebody important. He is like another Stephan Hawkins. God knows what he knows but, he is powerful enough to merit this promotional photo. Of course, he is going to live someplace. The "Big Girl" is still looking for a place but, he will have it. He has to live in the Commandant's Quarters until then.

Here is an old Jewish Gentleman, and he is still needed by his family. He gets to live.

This is1941 but, before America's entry into the War. They will live until December.

The "Big Girl" has to have adequate toilet facilities. These will do until the "Camp" is expanded more. Of course, there will be more facilities for everyone in Auschwitz I.

 This appears to be from our Russian friends a good picture of a wintery Auschwitz.

This person appears to have a camp number that maybe is from Auschwitz in the later years.

  Canister of Zyklon B fumigant not much used in the United States these days. It has been replaced in structural fumigation by Vikane gas. The dust form as Cyanogas A Dust may still be used to fumigate rodent burrows. Almost not used in commodity fumigation due to its deadly nature.

This stuff will be fumigated probably with formaldehyde gas since it has dangerous microorganisms, and insect pests.

This is one of the few aerial photographs of Auschwitz late in the history of that "Camp".

"Work makes you free". Or as the Bible says if you don't work. You don't eat. Poverty is true imprisonment. If you could work. You could live. Sometimes very well, or very terrible depending on your skill level.

This the infirmary in Auschwitz. It could be at any time due to the primitive nature of medicine these people were hopelessly ill. Either, they got better, and lived, or they died there. The Auschwitz staff wasn't much better off either. The sanitation was a little bit better but, not much.

This early "Camp", and they do take in refugees as well as homeless people. It is another appeal for supplies. Anything will do. Can you find any twins here? Yet this supposed to be a real photograph of twins used in Dr. Megele's experiments. Dr. Mengele was a pathologist! These boy are not exactly in Birkenau. That means they are not safely in "Camp". Once people have gone completely into "Camp" they may have certain rights.

Hard to tell but, this appears to be a fumigation chamber probably for bedding material with formaldehyde gas. They have been informed they have lice in "Camp". If they have lice God help them. Because, lice carry typhus as well a other serious diseases. Otherwise, this is to scare them a lot. The "Camp" staff is scared of these diseases. Since, they could die from them. This is very extreme even for Auschwitz. That means people have died from disease spread by lice.

  This is another picture of the Gateway to Freedom. Many of these photographs even though they seem to be the same may reveal more information about "Camp" history that must be known. Otherwise, people will repeat these same.
 These building don't look any different than those here in Nashville. It seems to be more like a city than a prison.

This is another picture of Berkenau showing the entrance to the showers.

This picture is courtesy of President Jimmy Carter. The information maybe accurate. Probably provided by the Soviet Union and the Communist government of Poland. Hopefully, the CIA has figured it all figured out better than what they had about those American hostages in Iran. Do you remember those helicopters that crashed trying to rescue those people in Iran? Jimmy Carter lost the Presidential election to Ronald Reagan over it. By the way the Administration building is in Berkenau (Birkenau).
 Auschwitz became known in the United States in 1969 when the Russians clued them in that Auschwitz was not a sort of urban legend.

This another picture of these poor waifs waiting to be transported to another "Camp" from Berkenau.

Here we have a warehouse full of these rags strewn about all over the place. There is a problem. Notice no one is in there near these rags. They probably may have disease like pus from a plague victim, staph, anthrax, or something of the sort.

 This is another one of those pictures of this group of children of political detainees. It is kind of hard to figure this one out. Unless, they arrived in Auschwitz I, and they were supposed to be in Berkenau. Then they probably will die from poison food laced with arsenic trioxide. After that they will be dead within two hours. It is a terrible death.
 It is a bit strange that the "Camp" would go through all the trouble of issuing clothing for them if that was what would happen to them. But, this a promotional photo like those midgets we seen previously.

These are salvageable clothes apparently. They are processed in "Camp", and used in "Camp". The basic disinfection has been done. So this clothing is safe to handle.

Here this building is filled with unsorted articles because, the "Camp" was too busy to work there.

Nobody looks very happy here. This is after the War. The "Camp" still is in operation. Of course, the Poles all know that.

Here is another photograph of "Camp".

This picture probably appeared in Pravada. It might even be true. You can be the judge here.

 Here is a 3 dimensional rendering Auschwitz Birkenau.