Here we are again with My Persephone

My Persephone as Madame Butterfly.

My Persephone as the adorable Baby Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

My Persephone in a Hidden Garden.

My Persephone is in the woods for some reason. Probably, looking for Diana.

My Persephone watching Bacchus carry away Diana. That's terrible! The Parrot says so.

My Persephone watching Demeter being carried away by Bacchus. We have a strange cult here, and in the previous artwork concerning this Rape God.

My Persephone with Dis Pater, Cerebus, the Furies, and Alastor.
You can buy it if you want to. Maybe, you should.

My Persephone as a statue you can have at your orgy.
Here Persephone does not look like She is dead.

My Persephone is being sensual.

My Persephone as Laura Croft "Tomb Raider" in a role playing game.

My Persephone is modeling as a Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"

My Persephone is a Plastic Fantastic Lover. You can buy the statue if you must.

My Persephone is really catty here, and very well read.

My Persephone with fire effect.

My Persephone as a collage.

My Persephone in the New Yorker as Pomegranate Girl. You can have it if you want it. "Pom!"

My Persephone as a Daughter of Persephone. My Persephone like My Ceres is self generating.

My Persephone is watching as My Demeter is being carried off by Hades. Kitten Help Help! Here Kitten is trying to ascertain that Persephone is not harmed during  the staged abduction of the Goddess by Pluto.

My Persephone with Dis Pater, and Cerebus (Gnarm).

My Persephone is with My Ceres with three of Ceres Animals: Diabolus the Maelstrom Serpent, Mau Mau, and Fenris.

My Proserpina has lent Her Divine Name to this video game.
That's three Cat Points.

My Persephone has made to a I Phone case. My Persephone is the Poodle Dog.
That gets her one Cat Point.

My Persephone as Hell.

My Persephone as Elsa's poodle dog.

My Persephone as an emblem.
My Persephone is a Pomegranate Girl.

My Persephone is a Pomegranate Girl. Note, the unique artistic style. "Pom!"

My Persephone is the Ice Maiden, and My Demeter is holding the Wheat Sheaf to Her bosom.

My Persephone is very Mercurial unless, this is My Demeter, or even the God Mercury. That a mystery isn't it?

My Demeter is mourning Her separation from Her Beloved Mate My Persephone.

My Persephone is sitting next to Her Mate in Hell. The Bird's Head is My Persephone's Trophy taken while My Persephone was Incarnate Terrestrially.

Three Cardinals are playing the harpsichord for My Persephone.
 When My Persephone comes up Their Change happen too. Thus They will have a Good Place above near Her.

Thalia is playing the Mandolin.

Hecate is playing the Harpsichord.

Cerberus is anchored  there in Hell  by His Chain. That Chain can be anchored Terrestrially like in Nashville. Of course, that is where Kitten has it anchored.

Children of  Cerberus are shown here Tormenting the Damned. Those are the Enemies of My Persephone.

My Persephone the Purity of the Under World.

My Persephone is selling a genuine goose down blanket. Now, you be warm, and cozy.

My Proserpina is going off with Her Mate.

My Persephone busy with Her Alchemy of Power.

My Persephone: The Death of the Lie of Peace.
We are always at War.
That is not a Lie.

My Persephone is in dalliance.

My Persephone is stepping out.

My Persephone has another book.

My Persephone is in Australia on the beach looking good.

Here is another picture of My Persephone a cute young girl.

My Persephone, or My Proserpina is in this interesting art work. Here Cerberus pulling Cerberus' Dog Cart. Cerberus owns that Dog Cart as well  as Cerberus' Chain.  Kitten has told that Cerberus has no master. But, Cerberus is not a Bad Dog. See the Disney movie "Old Yeller." "Old Yeller" could fight like three big dogs. Cerberus is the Ancestor of All Dogs.

My Persephone here is modeling bridal wear.

My Persephone is here with Patience.
 Isn't that cute?

My Persephone plus.

My Persephone is looking really good.

My Persephone as the Dark Girl.

My Persephone is modeling bridal wear.

My Persephone is modeling as the Dark Girl.

My Persephone is showing off  Her tattoo.
My Persephone "Pom!"

My Persephone in blue dress at the edge of the woods. Notice, the pomegranates at Her feet. "Pom!" "Pomegranates are meant to be shared."

My Persephone loves the animals.

My Persephone is in the Underworld. Spring is over!

My Persephone is with Her Lover. "Pomegranates are meant to be shared." "Pom!"

Look My Proserpina is a real Star!

My Persephone is a Puppet Master.