The Dopester Book

by Kommandant Kitten

"Unreality has become the mark of our times."

 I know, you know, and everybody in the know, knows this is the truth. I want you to understand something very quick. What I need to put up with. When I first moved here. About once, or twice every week. Here comes a fire engine, an ambulance, and a police car. Out of an apartment comes a dead dopester. This year its twenty-four dead dopesters out of a hundred people in this apartment complex. That is an eighteen per cent mortality rate for this block. Auschwitz had about ten percent. In Auschwitz the over all survival rate was actually about sixty five percent. The over all survival rate for dopesters in Nashville, Tennessee is about forty three percent. The year isnít even finished yet. Theyíre dying not because, they are crazy. Theyíre dying because, they are evil. No one seems to think this is unusual. Not anybody asks any questions. Nobody misses them either. Itís like they never existed here. This is "Scaresville".

 Now, they all think theyíre getting real cocaine. That is what a Dope Pusher said it was, "Pure Coke". They just know it. They all think it comes from Columbia too. The truth is more like it crawled out of a test tube here in this country. It is something like cocaine. It may even test like cocaine. With these "Designer Drugs" it is a Game of Russian Roulette. Itís just a matter of time. Before, one of these drugs kills them. Drug traffickers are not interested in Quality Control very much. Most drug dealers are poor. They just want to make money. There are people out there that really do want to poison them to boot.

 None of this stuff will kill you right away. Otherwise, people will get wise to it. It maybe, a few days to five years later before it does that.

 Now, everybody knows these people canít handle real drugs. Otherwise, they might get too smart. Nope! They just need stuff like that!

 It got cold, and raining a lot. So a bunch of dopesters decided to have a cook out indoors. They fired up this charcoal grill. Broke open a couple cases of beer, and few bottles of whiskey for a real party. Then they started getting really big in their dope. They forgot something. The windows werenít open. They all fell asleep, and died.

 Every so often, a drug-crazed dopester would be acting up out there. This one is shouting at the top of his lungs in the parking lot about his gun. This is what a dopester does when they are dying. God knows what it is, but a gun wonít help them. The gun play has gotten pretty frequent out there. Sounds out there are anywhere like a 357 magnum, to a 38, or an itty-bitty little gun maybe a 22. This used to bother me a lot. It still does.

 You have to walk through a group of mean-looking, dirty sullen dopesters in order to get into your condo. These people have to hang out. They are obviously not working. They like to play pranks. Like draining the transmission fluid out of your vehicle. Youíve got to be careful. Because, that will cost you over a thousand dollars to fix it. Sometimes, dopesters pull pranks on the wrong people. Then people pull guns.

 There is a man. He is drawing Social Security Disability (SSI). In order to get his HUD (Housing and Urban Development) so he can buy this place happening he has to walk 23 miles. He canít afford a bus. Obviously, he isnít going to ask for a ride. No one hitchhikes ever. Nobody rides for free. He is going to make it to his appointment even if he has to crawl. Of course, they expect him to. Most of his money goes to pay rent. He likes to have his lights on. Itís good to have the stove, and the refrigerator working too. Power can be really expensive. It can cost him three hundred dollars a month to heat his place in the winter. At least until, he finds a way to insulate the place then the bill goes down to something like fifty dollars a month. Now, he can eat food out of dumpsters. If he can find it. Until then, he can walk fifteen miles to get the Food Stamps started.That will two weeks out of a month. He has to get some ID. Because, he has been robbed. He just has to walk 18 miles to get treatment to the VA Hospital. He is going to have to do that. Otherwise, he can just die. They do that here all the time. This is really living.

 Down the street. There is a man getting ready to take his "Joy Ride". His wife has just died. The hospital bills have piled up. The house is in foreclosure. And, the World is closing in. He took the dog to the vet to be euthanized. Because, he doesnít need a watchdog anymore. The family car is still in the garage. The engine works fine. Because, he just turned the ignition on. Itís going to stay that way. The garage door is going to stay closed. Heís got everything he needs for his "Joy Ride". Heís got his family pictures. So heíll know them when sees them on the Otherside. He knows heís expected. Heís still got his daughterís stuffed animals. Theyíre right there with him. He said heíd always keep them for her. Music is playing. It is jazz. Heís got his wifeís worthless Vicodin. The bottle is empty, now. He has a bottle of Canadian Mist. It still has a little left in it. Heís cruising right along. Heís definitely heading West. He has cruise control. He has His family is right in the car with him. After all, itís a family car. Itís all in his head. But, maybe it ainít. Still cruising. Past Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn because, now he is right out of this World. He is still going. Nature permitting, thatís the way its going to be.

 Sometimes, there is a is women outside that looks like she has AIDS. There are about forty sexually transmitted diseases (STDís) around. One night of bliss can get you a whole lifetime of punishment. Chastity should of been right there for her. But, people didnít like Chastity back then. Her life is a "Slumber Party Nightmare" come True. She has got to live here like everybody else, does on the "Tuffle Planet". Only "Tuffles" can live here in "Scaresville". "Tuffles" are Tough People. They arenít mean. But, youíve got to be tough. You donít dare show any weakness out there. Not exactly "Planet Catherine" but, we sure wish it was.

Itís time to get the Catherines (Virtues) after them. "Hello Catherine, I Love You. Itís time to fight". I have to fight Satan, and He is definitely here in "Scaresville". Satan wants to take another town, and turn it into "Satanville". So I buy a good-sized United States Flag, and put it up where people can see it. That gets a Big Catherine called Patriotism after them. The Flag always gets em. Itís a Symbol of a Living Country. Youíve got to remind dopesters what country theyíre in. They might not know that. They might not know America has drug laws. Iíve got my Big Oh! Thatís my National Anthem. Bought a couple of Holly Trees to put on either side of my Flag. Thatís to get the Holly Angels after them. Iíve got my Catherine Book here. Itís a Holy Bible. I keep my Cat inside to warn me of the Presence of Evil. Miss Tips growls once in awhile. Always, there is someone out there that is really bad. Because, the Devil works through people just like God does. Wear my cross to keep the Devil away. I attend Church regularly. I have made connections with several ministers.

 "I'm here LOVE". Holly is with the "Lake of Holly". "Holly is so Good for me". Holly is here. A huge pimp mobile is on fire outside. It is a beautiful fire. Here comes a fire engine right away. It looks like it is that damn dope pusher's fault. He knew that the fuel pump was bad. He didn't know it would do that! They found drugs in his car too. The fire department saved the man's drugs! After the fire was out. He is gone.

 I think of these dopesters as nothing, but Mice. I am a Cat. Mice canít hurt Cats. They just canít. I have to have a psychological edge over them. I maintain this is a matter of life or death for me here. This is a war zone. I am waging both Spiritual, and Psychological Warfare. I have to live here. I donít talk to them. Mice donít have anything to say to Cats. These people might kill me. If they can. I am not leaving, theyíre leaving. Do you understand? That is the relationship we have.

 The police cruise through here at least once a day. I tell them what I see here. But, I am careful. Because, I donít want the dopesters to get wise to me. My landlordís brother is a policeman. I just tell him Iíve got a problem with dopesters again. "The Mice are getting really bad again". I just let the professionals handle it. The police really know what they are doing these days. They have gotten gang savvy. Itís time to start thinning out the Mouse herds.

 Iím seeing colors again. I donít like it. Itís gangs of course. This is where the neighborhood bullies really come into their own. You canít even have a laundry mat here. Theyíll bust up the machines to get the money. The Mice are getting really bad here. We have to do something about this Mouse Problem.

 Now, some people might say these people arenít Mice. They think they are something like human beings. People like this canít possibly be human, and act like that! No! These are Real Mice. No one here argues that fact.

 The Narcotics Unit managed to pull out sixty-five dopesters out of there in a couple of days. It took them about year to find out who they were. That was sometime, before I moved here. Then the Mice started coming back again.

 I smell something like burning plastic. Miss Tips is meowing loudly. My new kitten Tiberius Orangello is acting weird. The stench is coming though the bathroom vent from the place next door. My head is starting to feel funny as I duct tape the vent. I have to open all the windows to air the place out. The Mice next door are busy killing themselves. I am not even dreaming of interfering with the processes of Nature. Sure enough, here come the First Responders.

 It is always the same pattern. First they start hanging out. Pretty soon theyíre smoking dope. Then they begin dealing it. Sure enough, here comes the gun play again. Bullets donít have a conscience. They just donít.

 Another pattern is the gangs are tagging. They are marking their turf. Then other gangs have to come by, and challenge it. They always do. Sure enough, here comes the gun play again.

 As a matter of fact they shot a Mexican dead in the parking lot. The Mexicans are still selling them dope. Now, itís killing them but, they havenít figured it out yet. By now, I think they are all going to be dead. "Mouse Play" is really bad.

 There is no talking to the Mice. Because, Mice donít understand Cats. Now, almost all the Mice are gone. They try to keep moving here. All the original Mice are dead.

 Things have changed. We have taken this place away from the Anarchists. There is a Church in the Community Center. A Church sponsored youth group meets every day there. Thatís right, I can even see children playing here. How about that? Weíre not in "Scaresville" anymore. Weíre in "Spooksville" a little bit. Because, we have to keep the security going. But, it is nothing like "Scaresville". You see surveillance is cool. Because, it prevents intrusion. No one likes burglars. You have to keep mobilizing the masses. You have to keep the Anarchy away. Otherwise, the Mice will come back.

 Now, people can even start fixing this place up. This place can look really good! The neighborhood is still pretty fashionable. We just need to keep getting rid of the Mice. Mice don't need to live in houses. Those houses look really good. We have got  to make Nashville beautiful again.

 Here are a couple of movies for your viewing enjoyment. When you have the time. Amazon on the internet might have them. First, there is the "Young Warriors". It is a definitive movie about street gangs. If they ever get that big. Then you must watch "New Jack City". That is the future of Nashville. If they get here like that.

It Came From a Test Tube

 This is every junkieís wet dream come true. The "News Gang" just told them this was possible. But, it really is a hoax. They are unethical media people. That put out the News about drugs. If people didnít know these drugs were out there. People wouldnít use them. "Black Tar Heroin" is coming from Afghanistan. Now, I didnít know this was happening until I heard it on the News. I donít really think this is possible.

 All of them are dirty from associating with the drug trade. The "News Gang" tells people all sorts of stories. Most of them not true. They deceive the people. They say the chemistry is easy. But, it really isnít. You can make drugs in your kitchen. But, you really shouldnít. They just have to go out there, and get the right chemicals. But, they might not want to do that. They might need some laboratory supplies too. Now, they can make up a war gas right there in their kitchen. But, they wonít even know that. The "Chlorine Man" might take over their house for a little while. They can have white phosphorus. "Willie Peter" will burn their house down. They can get lots of mercury. The place will fill up with mercury vapor like a great big light bulb. And, the mercury will put an "Idea Machine" right into their heads. Then they will start getting really strange. They can get lots of ether. It will form peroxides. Then the place will blow up.

 The "News Gang" has the "Anarchist Cookbook" right there for them, always. They can get the latest teachings from Uncle Festerís "Silent Death" right there for them too. There is lots of other literature out there. Itís like searching for the Holy Grail. But, there is nothing holy about this stuff. Almost, all of these people never get to where they can produce the real stuff. And, this is true.

 Now, we are going deal with people that have real knowledge. They might of have taken a course, or two in chemistry. They may be able to go further. They may actually make something. God knows what it will be. But, it really wonít be good. Some of these formulas may actually work. According, to the "News Gang" they can make a pile of money doing this. Who doesnít want a pile of money? But, they really need to do something else. Because, this will get them killed.

 Most of the stuff they can make is just a hobby because, none of this can be sold on the streets. Mescaline for example really isn't liked by most people. "Phikal: a chemical love story" doesn't say so. It costs a fortune to make it. The accounts of the drug experience really aren't true. Mescaline will just make you sick.

 Letís look at the professionals. Chances are you will never know who they are. They are not interested in helping people. These people are Anarchists. They are very serious criminals. That is what they are. They are associated with a "Black International". They may not call it that. But, it is getting there. They always have a political ideology. They are more than criminals. They are not interested in getting high. Money is no object with them. They have a social agenda. They are not a Mob. They are not a Mafia like there used to be. That is if there ever was a Mafia. They are much more dangerous. That is something you should never get associated with ever.

 Now, you kind of wonder how people could make synthetic cocaine like alkaloid? So do I! Here is story. Somewhere, in California there is a little microbrewery. They do produce beer. Also, they add tropane to the fermentation vat. That produces an intermediate substance. That can be easily converted into "cocaine". That is sent to "New Jack City" to packaged, and sold all over America as "pure coke".

 Let's say you want to buy some heroin. Heroin will cost you $80 a gram for 5% heroin. But, in order to get that you will have to buy at least 100 grams. You go running to your friendly syndicate heroin outlet. You have to put up $300, or better. Because, everybody is out of heroin. They always are. But, they will find some for you. It will take a couple weeks. Sure enough, they have it. You need to bring eight thousand bucks. Okay, they are there. They just took all your money. Now, they don't have any heroin. They just need more money. See the syndicate doesn't want any heroin out there. End of story on that one.

Stupidity on Steroids

The "News Gang" tells athletes that steroids will increase their performance. Who doesnít want to Win? Who doesnít want to be strong? Even the police would like that. But, obviously these steroids canít work. It is just a fad that appears in the locker room once in a while. If steroids did work. The Marines would be feeding this stuff to all their recruits. They would start turning their raw recruits into these huge fighting tanks. There is no doubt the military has tried this many times. They have even done this in other countries. If you have a medical condition, it might help you. Otherwise, there are no benefits for healthy people. Enough said. Maybe, you really have a hormone imbalance. Pay attention to what Kommandant Kitten tells you. When you replace any hormone like with menopause. You need to replace them all with high quality homones.

1) Most of the HGH injectable hormone is nothing but, an inert substance, probably saline solution.

2) The only way you can know this even, if you are a doctor is to check the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration number. Maybe, you might want them to check this for you to see that you really are getting genuine Human Growth Hormone. Please, do that. After all, this is your hard earned tax dollars at work.

3) Anything like testosterone is maybe, counterfeit as well. As a matter of note. Diethyl sebesterol (DES) will mimic testosterone perfectly. DES will put, meat; that is muscle tissue on a chicken in record time for market. It is questionable with people. Because, DES causes a great deal of deformity as well as cancer. This drug has been used as chemical weapon in spy work with modest success.

4) Another, dangerous substance is estradiol. Since, estradiol promotes cancer. Even though, estradiol is present in animals there are other mitigating hormones. Men can go transgender with this hormone. The consequences of this abuse: cancer of the testicles is hard to spot. Premarine a drug derived from female horse urine which breaks down to estradiol! A post menapausal woman may regain, some of her composure. It is a bad nostrum.

5) Check with the DEA about that too. Remember, this stuff could be anything! Even, if it is filled at a pharmacy. We have got to keep these people in line!

6) There are other hormones like insulin, thyroid, and others. Some of these medicines have been found to be inert, sub-potent, or super-potent. Hopefully, the Drug Enforcement Agency is watching these. 

7) Always, look for evidence tampering, or substitution. Miss Tips does not want you be taking any of her medicines.

8) Prescribing a medicinal substance in a dose based on milligrams per kilogram that is ineffective is fraud, and life threatening. Treat them like doctors that over prescribe, more seriously.

Just Like Speed?

The "News Gang" is misinforming the public again. Who doesn't want to be faster than everybody else? That will certainly help in the arena of economics. Don't you want to get your work done? So you can something you really love. Because, you have speed. Wouldn't it be good for everybody to have speed? It would be a wonderful world. That is very seductive.

But what is speed? Is there a pill I can take to give me speed? The "News Gang" tells me this is true. There is even a drug called methamphetamine, nicknamed "speed". But, this is sophistry at its worst. Because, there isn't pill on this planet that can possibly be speed. When this fallacious reasoning is exposed for what it is. Manipulation. Likewise, there may be some benefit for people that have a serious medical condition. Again, there are no benefits for healthy people.

Hanging on to Hemp

 Medical marijuana, or cannabis has frequently been trumpeted in the press and other media as some sort of universal panacea. The list of cannabis cures is endless. At least the Drug Cult would like you to think so. They want to legalize cannabis on one hand as a social reform. Yet, they still want it illegal to make money. This makes for very heady politics. Doesnít it?

 But, can cannabis harm you? You can probably find some sort of cannabis. People have smoked marijuana in the past. They have consumed it in other ways. But, maybe they shouldnít. Here are a few reasons why.

1) Marijuana causes intoxication. People shouldnít drive, or operate machinery while they are intoxicated. That is true.

2) Marijuana contains estrogenic substances that can make you more feminine.

3) These estrogenic substances can promote cancer too.

4) These estrogenic substances can affect the menstrual cycles in women as well.

5) There are other substances in marijuana that can cause cancer.

6) Marijuana can cause birth defects.

7) Marijuana can be tetra genetic. That means it alters your chromosomes guy.

8) Marijuana can be toxic. That means it can poison you.

9) Marijuana is not a standardized drug. The chemical composition of marijuana can vary considerably.

10) Marijuana contains complex chemicals. Many of these have never been researched. We donít know what they do. But it might not be good.

11) Marijuana may make psychosis worse. Donít smoke this, if youíre psychotic.

12) Marijuana may make certain psychiatric disorders worse; like post traumatic stress disorder, autism, attention deficient disorder, etc.

13) Marijuana can make you more susceptible to suggestion. It not a powerful date rape drug. But, it can be one.

14) Marijuana can produce adverse drug reactions.

15) Marijuana can interact with other drugs. They may become stronger, or weaker.

16) Marijuana can affect judgement.

17) Marijuana is a species of truth serum. At least the O.S.S. thought so in World War II.

18) Marijuana is a programming drug used by cults.

19) Marijuana may have other additives. Heroin, opium, PCP, or other substances maybe, in it.

20) Marijuana may have insecticides, fungicides or other pesticides in it.

21) Marijuana may have poison in it. This has been deliberately added. Because, people might like killing dopesters.

22) Medical Marijuana is part of an Organized Crime Network.

23) Sales of marijuana are used to support terrorism.

24) The oldest drug laws outlawed hemp in Pharaohís Egypt.

25) Cannabis was frowned on in Ancient Rome.

26) Cannabis is spiritually dangerous. What is going to happen when God shows up, and you are high?

27) Marijuana remains in the body for at least three weeks.

28) People are killing people over marijuana. Cannabis is worth a lot of money. People will kill for it.

29) A dirty drug screen can cost you your job. That can show up three weeks after using it.

30) A dirty drug test can put you in jail. Especially, if you were driving.

31) In Auschwitz they used Cannabis in the place of Hops. That made for a very powerful world famous beer.

 The bottom line is Cannabis needs to be standardized, controlled, and available in a pharmacy before it is of any medical value. Anything else, just wonít work. That means we are going have to get rid of the Drug Cult, and change the drug laws.

The Trouble

 When gangs are around. They may actually get a hold of spy gear. This is the homemade "James Bond" stuff that Law Enforcement really hates. The problem here is most people donít even know what it is. Spy gear may turn up during a raid on a drug place. The Fire Department may happen upon spy gear while responding to an emergency. Weíre talking about covert assault weapons. This stuff is extremely dangerous. Some of it can seriously injure or even kill a human being. Most Law Enforcement people in Federal, and State Agencies donít even know what it looks like. That is bad. This spy gear could come from overseas. It also, could be homemade. These people could be doing espionage for foreign governments, organized crime cartels or even terrorists.

 The normal eavesdropping equipment is not harmless either. Certain radio frequencies can adversely effect people, and animals. People will behave like they are drugged. Then this weapon is being used to induce "Crowd Disease" in people, and animals. That causes antisocial behavior that is permanent once, the brain has become structurally altered. Radio beacons can be used as weapons. Radar is dangerous. Any antenna can put out dangerous radio signals. Remember, that this is all radiation. Radiation is not good for people, animals and plants. That is why the FCC has to license these products.

 Gangsters maybe armed with Police Tasers, cattle prods, and other electromagnetic devices that can disable people. They also, may have CS tear gas, or Pepper Spray.

 Bombs can be made to produce an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that alone is harmful to electronics, people and animals. These could be used to kill guard dogs for example. The K9 Unit really hates stuff that does that. An EMP puts out intense radiation that can permanently paralyze, blind or kill a person. Firemen donít want that to happen to them ever. They might come across a bomb factory. In spite of what the movies show ("The Matrix"). EMPís are deadly. So we really donít want children to try, and make them.

 Pentafluoroethyl ether also known as "Shock Gas". Is a drug to induce shock used in psychotherapy. This stuff is very deadly to humans, and domestic animals. Pentafluoroethyl ether is flammable, and explosive especially, when it forms peroxides over time. Pentafluoroethyl ether can also, easily kill K9 dogs. It can be deadly poison if it is inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. It is very hard to detect this drug during an autopsy. Pentafluoroethyl ether may mimic a heart attack. Letís hope the Drug Enforcement Administration is on the job. So all this "Shock Gas" should only be in hospitals under a doctor's supervision. There should no analogs of pentafluroethyl ether (Drug Analogs Act) on the streets either. It could be used in contract killing, espionage, or terrorism.

 Of course, there are a lot of other poisons. The Uncle Fester stuff in "Silent Death" is totally unholy. I hope nobody can really make this stuff. This deadly drug pentafluroethyl ether is something I am most concerned about.

 Can we really secure everything? We are going to have to. We are going to need more surveillance. If we wind up with a Police State, so be it. Our cities are turning into concentration camps, anyway. No one has freedom when there is Anarchy. There is no security. In some places people are not sure if they will be alive from one day to the next. Who wants to live in hell? We are going to have to really get after the Mice. Otherwise, we wonít have any Civilization to speak of, ever. Because, there are people out there that believe that murder is a tool of social engineering. This is a good way to start a real revolution. Our country can slide down into the abyss of "Steady State Anarchy". We can become just like Somalia. Israel has been traveling that road for some time. We could have a military take over like Chile did in the 70's. This country is becoming very unstable. A lot of foreign countries have invested a lot in this country since, we are part of this World Economy. Do you think those countries are going to sit still while we have Anarchy in the U.S.A.? Maybe, the Russians can come over here, and help us restore "Order". Because, Russia as well a few other countries wonít like all these nuclear missiles we have in the United States of America to start whizzing around all over the place. This country could become just like Yugoslavia. That is pretty bad. Isn't it? United Nations peace keepers will have to be here. It's that bad!

A Man and His Horse

 Now, he bought this Horse from Mr. Jones. His Horse started out as My Little Pony. But now, the Horse has grown into this enormous Clydesdale. You might find a Horse like this on the streets. But, you really shouldnít. Because, it costs a lot of money to have really big Clydesdale. You really have to feed them a lot if you want stay in the saddle. Because, if you canít stay in the saddle that Clydesdale will start riding you. It is really hard to go to a party, or anywhere else for that matter, with a big Clydesdale like that. But, our hero is tall in the saddle.

 Fortunately, he got busted. He in a holding cell. He is kicking his Clydesdale. But, his Clydesdale is kicking back. Bam! Right into his stomach. Down he goes. Time to pay Mr. Jones. His Crime Gland, thatís his brain has turned into a huge Pain Sensor. This is really getting it happening in the Mouse. The Mouse suffers from delusions of being a man. How can he be? The police all know this is a Real Mouse. But, he might rate the Rat.

China White

 It is time to talk about China White brought to America by Chinese ship jumpers. What is it. Well, it sure ain't heroin! There is a story about this. Because, this thing definitely crawled out of test tube at University California Santa Barbra. They were doing research on novel narcotics. Nothing wrong with that unless, it is done MKUltra style. Well it was. Do you know anything about the poison contained in the puffer fish? It is called tetradotoxin. It is narcotic like. But, also does other things like beta keto. It kills brain cells baby, or acts like it does. It burns people out. One hell of a chemical warfare weapon. That is what it is. 

Chemistry Skool

This is your first day of Skool. You know there are chemicals. Today, you can learn to make Ecstasy. This is Kitten Khemistry. The Khemistry depends on a Formula. We are going to make Ecstasy, and MDA in one pot. You are following Kitten's Method. First get some mason jars. "Ball" is the best. They all should have tight fitting lids. There is ammonium sulfate. The fertilizer should do. One can of sodium hydroxide. That is pure lye for your drains. But, we will mix the lye, and fertilizer outdoors. Then cover the mix with methyl alcohol. Note, keep the level of liquid well below the top. That is at the 700ml mark for easy pouring. Let mixture chill in a large Ball mason jar in the freezer. You need the jar charged with the lye fertilizer mix three times. That is three ounces of lye to five ounces of ammonium sulfate. You leave the mix in the freezer for a year. Now, you are ready. Buy four ounces of cedar wood oil Juniperus virginiana. That has a total of twelve per cent safrol, and isosafrol. Be sure you get the genuine essential oil, and not a blend. That won't work. Buy from only reputable sources.  Don your rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator. Take twenty five milliliters of the freezing cold alcohol plus reagent. That is your home made methylamine solution. Immediately return your Ball mason jar to its native freezer after pouring your methylamine. Put it in the essential oil of cedarwood in your cooking pot. Swirl the mix several times. Put the lid on the jar. Shake vigorously four times. Notice, the colloid for in the jar as it stands at room temperature. Wait for over two hours. Oh! There is no colloidal suspension. The room temperature is too hot then. Put, the jar in the Ice box to chill the mix briefly until, everything starts to gel. You may notice an ammonia odor. Let it stand uncovered until the ammonia is all gone. Now, you need a table spoon of citric acid. Me thinks two and a half table spoons of citric acid will take all the amphetamines out quicker. Note: there is no water in this reaction at any time. You must not use a stronger acid than citric acid. That will ruin everything. Trust me on this one. Shake mixture seriously for about an hour. Let stand as the stuff precipitates out. Pour the oil out. Now, you have the material. Let everything dry out. Don't heat it up, or nothing! This will take some time. Remember, good things always, come to those who wait. There it is for your low level cruising.

You are asking the question are other essential oils viable for this sort of reaction? No! Parsley seed oil will produce DMMDA. Also, the  methyl, and ethyl analogs of this amphetamine. These were born out a mixture of ethyl, and methyl alcohol done as above. The resulting product has a hell of a lot of ammonia plus ethylamine, and methylamine. There was some ethanol left over. 50 ml of this was added to 6 oz of parsley seed oil. Don't do this. That is bad for you. The side effects, and interaction with other legal drugs are unknown. MDA: Methylene Dioxy Amphetamine was once in pharmacies in the United States as a substitute for dexadrine. MDA couldn't compete with Dexedrine, or Benzedrine. Ecstasy Methylene Dioxy Methamphetamine is in pharmacies overseas. Eve: Methylene Dioxy Ethamphetamine seems to be liked by some dopesters. That is hardly a recommendation anyone should trust much at all. Reported to be like ecstasy. Maybe, it is. A mixture of the above using denatured alcohol plus thirty percent methyl alcohol was substituted in the above reaction. This produced a mixture of mostly MDA, Ecstasy, and Eve. Anethol found in oil of anise might prove to be a source of PMA. PMA is one tenth as strong as Dexadrine. Why don't you drink a cup of espresso instead? Street Ecstasy is mostly PMA plus something else usually, methamphetamine. This is the Hug Drug if you want to go for these anecdotal accounts of knowledgeable dopesters. PMA is reportable as toxic to some dopesters. It might be. Hey! What if everybody is lying about the psychedelic effects. This animal paid $60 for a hit of "real ecstasy." "Oh! Wow!" You believe him? The ethamphetamines are also, no good. Experiences with the Ethyl analog of DMMDA prove this is a bad substance. Assume they are all bad for your kidneys. Both of them. Got blood in your urine? You deserve it.  As Comrade Stalin said "You can do anything at least once." Some people may produce an ethyl analog of ecstasy. Use at your own risk. Of course, if you are taking any of this stuff you are on your own. All these novel amphetamines are not hallucinogenic. No TMA made from oil of calamus, or oil of elemi is not like mescaline. Nobody in their right mind takes mescaline at all. The Methyl analog of PMA: paramethoxyamphetamine made from oil of anise is about one tenth as strong as Dexedrine. Why bother? None of these novel amphetamines are anything near as strong as Dexedrine. Why don't you see a doctor for a prescription if you can justify it? As said before every substance should be in a pharmacy somewhere in the World. That means it is safe at prescribed dosages. Probably, effective in relieving intransigent depression.

Eve has two new relatives. One is the DMMDEA from essential oil of diil weed. Add ethylamine at the same as MDA. That will do it. The other TMEA requires 40 ml to essential oil of calamus. That will get your head screwed on nice and tight for intransigent depression. A hundred milligrams is sufficient for eight hours of sanity. None of these can kill you.

There are isopropyl amphetamines are not wise. The butamphetamines are too much like strychnine mess with. Butamphetamine has appeared on the streets as a methamphetamine substitute. Don't take any.

Mad Dog Donovan Formula

Kitten Khemistry

Delta 9 tetrahydrocanibinol acetate

Truth Serum

 First grind 500 gms of weed through a sieve. That could be some good "shake" with 10% active ingredients. Shake is Cannabis that is just leaf not bud.

 Combine baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with 4 liters of 5% acetic acid vinegar enough to neutralize all the acid except for a small amount. Test a small amount of the resulting solution with a pinch of baking soda. It should fizz releasing carbon dioxide gas.  Otherwise add more vinegar. Set two glass baking pans filled with the product: sodium acetate solution to dry over the next few days. Hey Man! No cheating like putting it in the oven but, sunning it is okay. You will have both pans filled with white crystals. Scape the crystals into a Ball mason jar.

 Put all the weed into a large pot filled with boiling water. Let go for ten minutes to wash the pot, and decarboxylate the weed. It also, gets rid of all that crud in it. Pour the water solution down the drain. It is Worthless. Spread weed out to dry. When it is bone dry. It is ready for the next step.

 Fill a plastic gallon milk jug with weed. You can put any extra weed into a Ball mason jar. Cover the weed 1 inch deep with anhydrous denatured alcohol (anhydrous = no water). Let the mixture sit for three days. You can shake the container in the meantime to help extract all the resins from the weed.

 Pour the liquid through a sieve into four Ball mason jars. MR. Safety recomends you use googles, and definite gloves when working with strong acids, and alkalies. Add twenty five drops of concentrated sulfuric acid to each jar. Screw the lids on the jars. Let this sit for five days outside. Be sure to save, and dry the extracted weed. We will use this to soak up the tetrahydrocanibinolacetate on this substrate.

 After five days set the jars still capped into a freezer for three hours. After three hours take outdoors, add twenty five more drops of concentrated sulfuric acid into the contents of each jar. Then immediately add two ounces of sodium acetate (6 table spoons) to each jar. Cap the jars immediately. Let this stand for four days outside. This reaction requires sunlight. Shake the jars after three days. Let everything settle.

 Four days later decant all four jars onto the dry weed substrate. Avoid pouring any of the matter left in the bottom of each jar. Set the revitalized weed somewhere to dry out all the alcohol.

 You can take this tetrahydrocanibinolacetate orally in food, or as a tea. You can smoke it too.

 It is highly recommended to make a alcoholic solution the delta 9 tetrahydrocanibinolacetate. Danger do not cheat. Denatured Alcohol is unfit fot Human Consumption! Use only ethyl alcohol like whiskey. This stimulates the appetite, and prevents vomiting. This will be available in a pharmacy.

 You know no one will buy anything here on the streets. The Ecstasy, and the delta 9 tetrahydrocanibinolacetate won't sell one bit out there. Drug addicts just want to die. Addicts are not really, interested in drugs at all! It is this Death Trip they are into. None of this stuff can kill you.

How to Make a Phosphate

 Here is more Kitten Khemistry to fulfill your Recommended Daily Requirement. This will nourish you. Put five ounces by volume of Super Rock Phosphate round nodules into a Ball mason jar. Fill the Ball mason jar with enough tap Water to cover the Rock Phosphate to a depth of three inches. Always, wear rubber gloves while pouring the Acid into Water. Mr. Safety says never pour Water into Acid. You need those rubber gloves too. You should of learned this in High Skool. Let us refresh your memory. All this is called Inorganic Khemistry. Pour three ounces of concentrated Sulfuric Acid into the Ball mason jar. Ball mason jars can handle the Exothermic Reaction without breaking. The jar will get very hot. Set the mixture aside for a couple of days. Inorganic Reactions are faster than Organic Reactions that are painfully slow. Finally, you Decant the resulting Phosphoric Acid into another Ball mason jar. Add five ounces of Agricultural Limestone approximately 54% Calcium Carbonate, and  45% Magnesium Carbonate. Note: Calcium, and Magnesium are sorely needed for normal body functioning. Observe the material inside the jar is fizzing vigorously. Set everything aside for two whole days. Then scoop all the stuff out onto a glass roasting pan to dry. You can eat one and a half grams of the mix everyday to boost the quality of your life.