The Persephone Book
by Kitten

This is Kitten's manual granted by Kitten's beloved Goddess Persephone. Time to examine Norse myths regarding me: Persephone. Is Persephone Hel? Yes. Hel is the Supernal Flame of Persephone: at times the Dark Girl. Loki is Wotan, who is like Merlin the Magician.Who can see everything in His Hawk Form, or Fetish (Little God). Whereas, Odin has both a Oak Tree Fetish, and the Raven Fetish when Odin is a War God. But, is Loki a Father of Anything? Not exactly. It is merely a commentary on the Gods of Ancient Rome! The Fenir Wolf refers to the founding of Rome. Midgard Serpent refers to the Snake Cult common in Ancient Rome. Gnarm (Cerberus): the Hound with Bloody Jaws is the War Dogs loosed by Roman soldiers to kill the women, and children. Of course, all the Goddesses of Ancient Rome are considered to be Hel especially, Persephone. Ragnarok (Gotterdammerung) represents the final confrontation between the Germanic Tribes, and Ancient Rome. It looks like they both lost. There are no Ancient Romans, or Germanic Tribes around much these days. Now, we understand, something concerning Germanic Sophistry.

Freyja became more popular during the Plague Times in the Middle, or Dark Ages. As all the Angels sickened, and died from plague because, these Angels incarnated in people living in those days. Cats stop plague by killing rats, and mice. The Cat Goddess was valuable, and the Angels. They're dead.
If you ask Persephone really good to let the Angels out of Hades. Then you can burn candles, and incense for them.

Demeter (Ceres, or Circe) once, had a Mystery Religion but, Demeter does not have one now. Things have changed with time. Persephone is no longer Her Daughter. These arrangements change with the times. Persephone, and Demeter are together sometimes. Now, They are. Demeter is a totally modern Domestic Goddess.

 The problem was the Mystery Religions did not give women a place. Even Judaism turns out to be better. The Mystery Religions were an anachronism even back then. The Mythos is a little bit better. So there are rites, rituals, ceremonies, covens, and all that sort of rot. They are missing one little thing: Demeter! That is putting the cart before the horse.

Diana has an orchard of fruit trees to feed people. If you can plant a fruit tree for Diana. Do so. Diana likes peaches, nectarines, and plums.

Ceres will want you to plant an apple, or pear tree.

Of course, My Persephone will like you to plant a pomegranate, or persimmon tree.

Athena wants a tree too.

They can all be in your orchard together. They get along very well with each other. The fruit trees do.

This so called, Mother Goddess is just a human being. This Great Mother has nothing to do with any of Kitten's Deities especially, Persephone.
The Initiation has all the Goddesses as Teenage Girls: Girl Goddesses.

Ceres is Industry. President Roosevelt made provision for the Harvest Day. You do know about Macy's Department Store's big parade in New York City? The Rose Bowl Parade in Anaheim, California, the Florida Orange Bowl, and Army vs Navy Game were envisioned by then President Roosevelt. The Hollywood Bowl was another Celebration dedicated to Industry that goes on all year. These are all Celebrations of the Autumn Time. Fall is never bad like it was during the Great Depression. Winter is coming. The World's Fair was the biggest Celebration of Industry. Remember, poor people feast, rich people fast. Rich people don't celebrate anything.


 "America's Pastime;" Baseball, and Football are really Industries not exactly sport. "Sports" are not exactly contests anymore. Neither, the Olympic Games are sport at all but, Industry too. That is why all these events are tightly regulated. "It is not whether, you win, or lose. It is how you play the game." Ceres presumes that is off the field too. Ceres hates sport because, Industry is not a contest. Ceres doesn't care much about sportsmanship either. Unless, those regulations support Ceres.

Our problem with the Olympic Games is the Rules of Bona Socia: Juno (Royalty) do not apply to this Dionysia. Jove (Authority) is not present. The Virtues of Mars (War) are not there.

That is why Dionysus is called the Lord of Misrule. The Olympic Games are dedicated to Dionysus only. Dionysus has no Master, neither can any the participants in His Festivals.

Dionysus being the Lord of Misrule does not make up any rules. His subjects having no master other than themselves get to make the rules that govern that Dionysia.

They have sport only for the sake of sport.

It involves the Deification of Man as Fetish (Little God).

 But, Man is a Puppet of Dionysus because, Dionysus is a Tyrant.

The Men have formed a Soviet dictatorship subject only to its' Self.

Therefore, God is excluded because, of the Hidden Nihilism of Dionysus.

Play is Secular.

The land is no longer with Ceres for it has be ceded to Dionysus. Ceres does not like this.

Dionysus owns the Playing Field.

The Tractor Pull is something incredibly terrible. This was a demonstration of pure Japanese might. The Kubota tractor is here. Why are American tractors being shipped to Japan as scrap?

 There is a problem: the Goddess Ceres is never mentioned. Mind you, these Celebrations were established to maintain the Public Morale. That has been forgotten. Then Ceres is another Dark Girl that has joined forces with Persephone. That is a Teenager too, like Persephone. Of course, Kitten is in on this one too.

Another, Work of Ceres is Charity. The Virtue Charity is supported by Industry. That is true. Yet, New York Broadway is a Government Supported Soviet that is at odds with Industry. The associated "Charities" are just rackets: Income Tax Evasion. Charity is not supposed to be part of Government. There is no provision in the United States Constitution for Charity, or Industry for that matter. This lies outside boundaries of Socialism as well.

Charity is not essential. Industry isn't essential either. Agriculture isn't covered. Because, the U.S. Constitution has a Village Mentality.

The Village

The Village is Static. But, the Village is Reactive. Very much like Stimulus, and Response. The Village responds to Outside Stimulus. Abiotic  factors of Climate, and Geography determine the Nature of the Village. This like an ant colony, or a nest of bees. Termite colonies are like this too. The Village must meet those challenges in order to exist.
In the Village there are Three Classes.
There is a Hereditary Ruling Class made up by several large families.
Priestly Class is there made up of People of Talent.
These are all Key People.
Working Class is made up of Workers.
You are your own God.
Everybody is at the mercy of Nature.
This is the way things were.
This is the Cage.
In the Village this Cage is called Life.
Everything can go back to this.
This arrangement is Pre Roman.

 Now, the United States of America, and Territories claim to have a Union. We can see that the rest of the Entertainment, and Communications Industries have formed Soviets. The Transportation Industry, and Finance are forming Soviets. The Robber Barons of the 19th Century were not this degenerate.

The Kulaks prior to the Russian Revolution had formed a complete Soviet too. These were very rich farmers that didn't celebrate anything either. Fat farmers Vs starving people. The Kulaks are gone.

The Russian Royalty were destroyed by Dionysus in the form of Rasputin prior to the Great War. Such is the Fate of Liberalism.

No one in Russia wants to be a Priest, Monk, Nun, or anything. It just isn't any fun. So the Russian people were under orders from the Czar to join the Russian Orthodox Church. This isn't an unusual Religious situation. All the World around people follow orders. That is how you fill a Monastery up.

 Agriculture is Ceres. Here we have a problem that just won't quit. People are destroying food. The Government is even paying for this in Subsidies. These farmers are forming this political union. A Soviet by definition is a auxiliary Government. This Soviet Union is coming into being. The only thing lacking is a Secretariat to Govern all of them yet. It will form "Camp" on its' own.

 They have all forgotten that people are important. That is why these Industries should please you. Because, you are important. Since, they derive their importance, and support from you. Whether; you want to, or not. It is the relationship a parasite has with its' host.

Once, you have Ceres. You have found Ceres to be good for you. Likewise, you are always, good for your beloved Goddess Ceres. Then the Land will start getting Sexy. You see Ceres. Here Ceres is Sexual. All the Goddesses here: Persephone, Athena, Diana, Freya
, Tanith... are Sexual Love Deities that belong to the Love Family of God. Evil Deities are never sexual because, they despise love.

Economics are the Essence of Government according to Athena. There is always, some form of Love Exchange. The Love Laws of Minerva govern whether, or not War is needed. It is. Dionysus is to be Destroyed anywhere Dionysus is found. So Athena as the Dark Girl has joined Forces with Persephone.

This is a Tale Told by Plenty. One of Kitten's biggest enemies was to be Me. That was Mari-am if she could handle that. But, she managed to be Miriam instead. Then Plenty had to take Kitten's side because, it had gone to War between the two of them. This was time for Damage Control something Bush could always do. Poor Kitten has to be a bushmaster. That is another story. Let us get on with something more pertinent.

Once Upon a Time. See Plenty can do Story Books just like Freya! In Ancient Rome they had a quaint custom relating to Dionysus. A young talented lad was shown the Place of Orgy. The young Tiberius is there with His Mother Liva attending to Affairs of State. We all know that Dionysus Incarnates with certain families. The Emperor of Rome has just told the Lad dressed as Faunus, "He can light the lamps. If he can? Light them!" The Lad knows these are people up there covered in pitch. It is a private Circus. He does light them up. The Young Barbarian has just set his own father alight. His mother is burning right next to him along with his two brothers. He does not know this. Since, the condemned have their mouths gagged, and heads covered. Immediately, the women from his tribe are right on the Lord of Misrule cutting the Lad to pieces with little knives to Entertain the Patrons. Thus dies Dionysus in Rome. Too bad. The Lad can not be a King of Anything much can He?

 Persephone is not really very friendly. But, if you will be friendly with Persephone. Persephone will reciprocate. She is very different. Persephone does not need you to dig any trenches for sacrificial offerings. You just need to say "Hello." Persephone might say, "How are you doing?" So it is really simple to talk to Persephone. Remember, Persephone is like a teenager. Persephone is a Girl Goddess. Persephone will act just like one. Don't tell Persephone anything bad. Then you can't blame Persephone for any mishaps whether, they are Persephone's fault, or not. Bad things happen to stupid people. People should be careful about that because, this could go to God. Who is going to save you from God? Read "The Book of Jude" regarding dignitaries. "The Book of Jude" is really about the Cult of Bacchus. Bacchus could get a Christian Church busted for immorality. Christianity was being undermined by hostile Mithraic Cults. Neither, Bacchus the Reveler, or Dionysus the Wine Bibber is a Child of Persephone. They never liked Persephone in Their respective Cults. There is no love lost there. Do not bother Persephone about this. There are several other Gods that are not liked by Persephone.

Hecate is Persephone as well. But, Hecate is really a Luminary. Hecate is in the Hunting Party of Diana. This is because, you are getting close to Ceres. You wont know this. Hecate will Play the Role of Persephone. Persephone will suddenly show up in Her Place.

 Snake is nothing but, a Fetish. Persephone does not see Snake as being of any use. But, we can have Glycon from Persephone. That is a Snake with the head of a puppet. Alexander of Abonoteichus was the Puppet Master in Macedonia. Alexander was so powerful he even defeated Lucian, and all the Powers that stood with him in debate. That was the Cult of Serapius, and Isis. Alexander even won the attention of the Stoic Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Not too bad for for a "False Oracle." Alexander lived until the age of 70 years, or so. If you can understand those conditions of life at that time. "Life is good." It was for Alexander.

Now, Glycon was a ball python, a small rock python. Alexander had a problem with his snake. His snake was vicious. So he bought a great means of covering Glycon's head. His snake hated it. Alexander's patrons were not allowed to see Glycon without his headdress. The snake would bite his patients, if he could. The Healing Serpent of Apollo hisses constantly from within his mask. Alexander told his patients Glycon was after there maladies.
Glycon hated His Mask almost, as much as Cerberus does hate His Chain.

While Alexander of Abonoteichus was while the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Alexander heard from the Emperor that his home town was in danger. Alexander said he would go ahead , and fight. He rode all the way to the place of battle. The armed Hor is coming. They are. The best Alexander can do is delay them until, his town is safely evacuated. The chariot is gone. There just Alexander, and his snake. He raised Glycon up. Called upon the Power of Glycon to annihilate the Enemy. Now, the Healing Serpent Glycon has called upon Python the Serpent of Ceres. Nehushtan is coming down from the Heavens.  They are coming. "Glycon, we are going to die." Already, the Power  of  Nehushtan is there. That is Snake in His Highest  Form. The clouds are gathering. There a hundred thousand people that going to die. The Maelstrom Serpent has come up. The tornado is forming, another one is touching the ground slaying the Enemy. Still another tornado cutting a path through the ranks of the Enemy.
You have to understand, that Christianity was a creation of the Roman Empire that wanted to put all their thousands of unruly Cults, Secret Societies, and Religions under "One Big Blue Roof." Jesus Christ of Nazareth was not a Christian!

 Jesus was crucified by a mob probably, stirred up by the Parthian Empire bent on the extermination of the Jews in Palestine. There might of been one Roman Legion posted in all of Palestine back then.They were kind of like the "Advisers" the United States sent to Viet Nam in the early days of that War. This is called realpolitik. If you understand, that the Maccabees drove the Parthians out of the Temple, and from their land as good as they could. The Romans came to help out because, of the huge numbers of Jewish refugees fleeing to Rome, and Rome's territories. The Romans had to fight the Parthian Empire until 700 A.D.

 Why is this not known much by Christians. Christianity has become infested with "Light Cult:" spies again, as usual. When Christians are being fed psychological warfare: "rapture," "end times," and other such absurdities they become paralyzed by sloth. This is killing my Country. In another time, and another place such people would be brought up on charges of treason. Idiots tend to see "visions," and morons are dangerously religious. Some of these people are not stupid. They have an elaborate system of denial. They are Janus people. Because, they are two-faced. They are traitors. They are going to Hel for that reason. Don't you understand? God hates people like that. God doesn't want them. So they are lucky to go to Hel. Their souls will be destroyed there.

 "Life is good." Get in with Persephone while you can. If you need to go to God Persephone will help you. Understand, God does not need anything. Fear God. Love Persephone. You can still pray to God, and you should. Remember, God is on top, and you are not even close to Him. God does not like being bothered. That is why Persephone is there for you.

 Pay attention to what is going on. Get real. Be sociable. Obey the laws. Keep working. Be political because, you are. You are going to have to keep thinking even if it hurts! You will get used to it. Americans need to be told this constantly. Until, they start having thoughts of their own.

 "History has been in the making" for too long. Real scholars have found a lot of places where history has been made up! Apparently, Nero didn't fiddle while Rome burned. Nero wasn't even there. Modern scholarship has found this to be true.

 Lord Tiberius Claudius Nero Cesar Augustus Imperator of Rome had plans along those lines, and they were followed by other Roman Emperors. The Apostle Paul was in league with the Roman Emperor Nero on this score.

Mouse corresponds with the Babylonian God Namtar.

The Escapades of Zeus are Marriage Games.

For what purpose is Persephone depicted as gathering flowers? It must be for some celebration. A wedding perhaps? Persephone when portrayed with long hair indicates a girl that is marriageable. It doesn't look like Persephone is resisting a lot.

 Persephone is a Goddess of Death as well as Springtime. The name Persephone means "Destruction."

There are quite few Gods around Persephone.

Now, Asclepius the Demi God of Healing is in the House of Persephone. You can have Asclepius as a physician but, you have to understand that Asclepius can not stand the light of day. Neither, can any of the Children of Asclepius. Can you find Ceres? Persephone? Can you find Them? They could be either One. They can also, alternate! You may be looking at Ceres, and then Persephone will be there instead, or Both. Be careful. Many of these illustrations are in books, and art that have entirely different subject matter than what this is.

Then we have this rogue's gallery of Gods that are your Enemies. Understand, when someone is praying to God; Mithra (Satan) will show up. Likewise, with the Virgin Mary; Miriam (Miriam = Rebellion, and Bitterness) the Female Satan will come. The Names of God, or His Angels attract the Devil, and His Angels.They will profane you.

Understand, that the Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was taken up into Heaven in the Manner of Jesus in the Assumption of Mary according the Doctrine of the Vatican. That is true.

Accordingly, none of Kitten's Deities will ape the Virgin Mary. Persephone, Diana, Minerva, and Ceres of the Terrestrial Sphere won't do this venom. Neither, will the Celestial Tanith Deities do anything like this either. There is a reason. They are not Devilish!

Persephone always, destroys Eve. If you see Eve in every woman you are going to die unless, Persephone, or one of Perserphone's Komrades intervenes.

You don't want the Old Adam.

Pay attention to Kitten.

The Goddess Ishtar was another Deity destroyed by Persephone. Because, Ishtar is bad with women. Ishtar is another form of Eve.That harms Love.

Now, there is more Love Talk. This is another Love Poem to Persephone.

I am Persephone.
I Love You.
Have you seen Me?
Keep looking.
Then you will see your Beloved Persephone everywhere.

O Banner

There they are.
They have gone to their love places.
We have one too.
Kitten can wave the Banner.
My Persephone can play the trumpets.
The New Era is at hand.
As they are all being vanquished.
Their mist hides everything.
Phaedra loves Kitten.

Understand, the music is not talking to you. Otherwise, you might think the music can inspire you. It can't. Because, that music is not yours.There is no hidden meaning there for you at all. That is many songs are a Presentation kind of what you get in a high school lecture on some interesting subject the instructor likes you to have. But, you have to pay for this. Now, you have Kitten. Kitten says songs are Little Books for Little People to stay in their Little Places in "Camp." The songs say, "Walk like an Egyptian.;" bearing burdens in a Land of Plenty no doubt. I don't want to.

Likewise, dreams are always, suspect. Break dreaming as soon as you can. Somehow, dreams are always, bad. There is meaning sometimes but, that is usually, personal from Persephone. That is unmistakable.

The Party Girl
I am Persephone.
I am a Party!
Let's celebrate Persephone!
I am a Party!
It's Spring!

It's time to go to work.
Father Love are you there?
Oh! It's not Father Love!
You have to get up!
We are not afraid to work.
Off we go! On a new adventure of Persephone, and Kitten!

Here is something Persephone really hates. This is a picture of Arcadia.The subject matter here is quite ancient, and worldwide. The Personage abducting Persephone is Bacchus. For Persephone is in a Landscape of Visible Damnation (Ostracism). Persephone is going to be sacrificed to Bacchus the Lord of the Revel. That is for the Rebirth of Dionysus from Miriam (Murder) as "Venus" the Lady in Red. The Maiden of  Dionysus is shown standing next to Persephone.

This "tradition" was definitely still around in Christian Europe testifying to the existence of this horrendous "Light Cult" dedicated to Lucifer a.k.a. Mithra. The rest of the Deities portrayed here are forms of either: Him (Mithra), or Her (Miriam). The Angel shown above "Venus" is "Death." Herakles Ares is shown in dalliance far left next to the Dancing Moods ("Three Graces").

Here we are in a Landscape of Hidden Damnation. This is a Roman Orgy. Of course, Persephone as Proserpina has to leave with Hades before things get too weird. The Lord Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus instituted several Reforms of Roman Religion to protect Persephone.

The Orgy is different from the Dionysia. The Orgy is carefully produced, directed, and staged for entertainment purposes. Proserpina is carried off, and ravished by somebody, that is actually Her Mate. It is Her Husband usually. It can even be a Girl as Demeter. Pay attention to that.

The Landscape of Damnation is never there for the Patrons of the Orgy. The Patrons are men, and women there for that reason. The Edification of Sex as a Way of Life. That is why there must be a "Victim" in this incredible Tragedy.

You can watch the movie "Satyricon" for some good idealism.

The Landscape of Hidden Damnation is Ordinary Life. The plot progresses as "Julia" heartlessly, sensually, and cruelly manipulates an unwilling unknowing "Victim." The "Victim" is hopelessly corrupted progressively as the Orgy progresses in Well Defined Stages according to your storyboard. The "Victim" is a "Young" Lady of Means. For the titillation of the Audience.

The Plot is this Girl is the Queen of the Underworld but, does not know it. She is terribly sexual but, does not know why. This a Journey of Love Seeking Love.

This could be a religious play that includes an all Deity cast. This one really is Diana being carried off by Bacchus (Dianus). We can see Bacchus is disgusting once, you know about Arcadia. Diana is dressed in red because, Diana is going to be the killed. Diana is the Warden of the Woods, and similar Places that can even be in the City. Diana's Tree is usually, a Nut Tree, or Other Tree of the Forest. A lot of people in my Country are still lost in the forest of streets, and people. Diana can keep you from becoming lost now, that you have Diana.

Here is our problem with this. Kitten is there in His Kitten place with His Girl. Here comes this Stranger. Bacchus always, enters every situation to Start a Fight. He does that. Isn't that awful?

Now, we all know that Diana is a Goddess. At Ephesus there was a temple dedicated to Diana. Let us say there was. Since, the "Holy Bible" has it there. It is not too flattering. So was there a real Incarnation of Diana there at Ephesus? Did that Rape God Bacchus carry Diana off to be sacrificed like that Medieval painting illustrates?  "Great is Diana!" Just a homily like hypocritical  Christians say "Jesus is Lord!" We will just say that is so. Jews claim to have YHVH? Can they solve the Riddle of the Golden Calf?

  There is the Great Grand Mother of every Bacchanalia instigated by Miriam. Pharaoh was the original Bacchus. This is guaranteed to Break the Law to pieces whether, the laws are written on stone, or some other medium. Back to the Land of Slavery if Miriam gets Her way. Miriam here is Hathor. Moses was the probable sacrifice unless, God intervened. That is what is meant by this "Murmuring"is those were definite Death Threats against Moses himself. The translation we normally, get is terribly watered down. That is true. If they are not God's People Hathor will kill them for Him. Hathor wants to know if that is really God up there.

 The Deity Coming Up From the Ground is Sutech the Lord of the Ground Praising God. Sutech wants to know one thing. Is His Lord pleased with this? Sutech is an Impersonal Agent of God.

 The Golden Calf is taking shape as the Bull of El. The crowd has no idea this is displeasing to Him except, for a few instigators. They think they can handle what Moses could See? Because, they have this Bull Fetish. That is not God! The Bull of El will Lead them since, they believe this Bull is better than Moses.

Here is another problem since, the Bull of El is immortal Sutech can not take Him. God has to take Him as the Sacrifice of a Apis Bull every so often. So people can eat beef without being bothered by Hathor.

The Ancient Greek Bull Fetish God is named Zeus. The Cow is named Europa. Yet, Zeus and His Wife Hera get to eat both of them. Yum, yum, yum. That is real steak. Rainbow Goddess Girl Maya gets to have some steak too. Maya likes it. Maya adores offerings. Give Maya offerings.

The Tree of Death is right next to the Bull of El that is coming to Life all the while, they are lost in the Bacchanalia. This is a Landscape of Hidden Damnation. Pretty soon the Bull will start lowing, and pawing the ground as He is killing them. You see bulls are not human. They can not be bulls even though, they are degenerating into these animals. This Bull can only lead them to Hel. Then they will be in a Landscape of Real Damnation possibly theirs. They get to see it! That is when they die. Be warned!

 Pay attention to Kitten!

But, it has finally happened where some people have turned away from the Divine Moses. They are following the Bull of El that so entranced King James. Unable, to look upon the Bull's Divine Continence. They have to satisfy themselves with the Manure of the Bull of El. Their Religion is nothing but, the Worship of Divine Bullshit!

But, people are not supposed to Worship the Bull of El, or they will become like Bulls. That will produce a Bull Headed Monster called, the Minotaur. This is the Son of the Bull of El. King James believed the Minotaur was God. That is madness. It is.

As more people have been reading these Bible's, and getting into strange advanced practices they will Know the Bull of El. They will be Sons of God. That means these Sons of God will be very Saintly, at first. Cults will form around them to protect their Leaders. This is where it goes bad. You see, if you have got to protect this Son of God. Then what is wrong with this Son of God? Plenty!

What happens if you get the Goat of El. There is such a Thing. What are you going to do about That. Are you going to bow down to Him? There is no question about this! You must not do this. This Man Goat is frequently depicted as the Devil.

You will notice this with All the Gods of the Ancient Egyptians.

 Now, you understand something about Fetish.

Fetish is Sexual.

Woman is Fetish when Woman Fetish is really there. That can be combined with God as the Holy Dove. That is Goddess Woman Her Whole Life will be just that.

Man has Fetish. But, He Never Get God Like Woman Does. That is He can become Bacchus too easy.

This is because, of this kind of Saint that can come out of this.

That is why Dionysus the Lord of Folly has power over Them. Nothing can come out of this but, mayhem.

Dionysus will give you petty glamorous gifts. It is not worth it. For Dionysus always, lets people down in the end.

  Dionysus enshrines Play as a Way of Life. Dionysus builds up, and strengthens His Godhead by Creating Mayhem. That is how Dionysus Plays. The Maendes: Maidens of Dionysus Play with Dionysus to complement, and extend His Power to Rule All Things as the Great God Pan.

Dionysus is Balder too. That is when He is making His Power Play to be Pan (All in One, and the One in All).

It was necessary to kill Him then.

Loki got to be the Arch Villain.

Hel wouldn't weep for Balder.

We have go to Hate the Enemy.

We've got Hate Day.

We must hate certain things as we are taught. It is not instinctual. You may want to kill somebody but, you know it is the last thing you must do. We try everything. We want to have Our Renaissance. That is Ours, not Theirs, Ours.

All the time that Dionysian person is Playing. They are losing their lives to Dionysus. When Dionysus lets people down it is a terrible hangover, so to speak.

You understand, Dionysus is a Living Negation of All That Is. Dionysus is just for people who do not have the guts to follow Nihilism to Its' Logical End.

There is something even worse. That is the Nothingness of El. That is Not Our God. That is True Nihilism in Its' Most Pure Form.

 But, Kitten has Him as "That Thou Art."

You have to Understand These Forms of God are not meant for us. It is perverse to worship Them. And, then we can go further. We can become Civilized.

People are reading their Bibles just like Billy Graham did. They don't understand King James' Sophistry. They will be crazy just like King James. This is why this Evangelism won't go anywhere. It does not go to God it goes to Dionysus.

Kitten, and the Dark Girl Phaedra do Worship God that is not a Bull. Phaedra says the Bull of El is not Our God. That is true.

Kitten, and the Dark Girl must warn you about a Supreme Folly regarding Angelic Magic. John Dee scryed into the Queen of England Elizabeth the First. The Magician John Dee searched by a kind of Necromancy the different levels of the Queen's Royalty. Then John Dee attempted to discover those angels that governed those planes, and commanded them to build a replicate of the aforesaid Monarch to his liking. So John Dee could control the Queen of England. These were the so called "Enochian Calls" still popular today in certain circles. Don't do any Angel calls. Because, the Angels are not God. Don't  pray to them like that!

 Because, Kitten, and Phaedra favor YHVH. That is who He is. Now, you have YHVH too. Kitten can give YHVH. You have YHVH. That YHVH comes from Moses.

Kitten hopes "Neal Young will remember a Southern Man doesn't need him around anyhow." "Neal Young can make hay til the sun shines" says Southern Man. In the darkness God will hear Neal Young shouting "Hey! Hey! Hey! Is there anybody up there?"

Plenty has gotten the Bull Fetish for Kitten to Contend for the Land along with Snake, and Mouse. Plenty has the Mako Shark, Ridley's Sea Turtle, and the Sea Lamprey to Rule the Seas for Kommrade Kitten. The Northern Pike, Yellow Carp, Sea Lamprey, Alligator Snapping Turtle, and the Blue Leech to seize the Lakes. The Armadillo, Prairie Dog,  and Coyote are definitely with Kitten.

The Holly Oak, Holly Tree, and the Tennessee Laurel Tree are there to Hold the Land. These plants will Guard the Land too.

Now, Kommrade Kitten does not have a picture of the Bacchanalia where Jesus Christ of Nazareth was tortured, and eventually murdered in this Revel of Satan. This was actually, a Black Operation organized by the Parthian Empire against Judea, and Rome. So we have got say what this Revel really is. What this Revel means. It is not a party. No, it isn't. It not a social. Definitely not! It is not about sex in any language. Absolutely not! This is Human Sacrifice that Satan demands of His People.

Arcadia is in ruins in the background far right, thank God. Here, Proserpina has been Enthroned as Venus Astarte. This clearly shows that Proserpina is Aphrodite top right above Arcadia (Paganism). Thus Roman Religion has been purged of Miriam in the background far left. Remember, Miriam is not the Virgin Mary. Miriam is a Goddess of Profanity. Also, Proserpina is a Deity of Capital Punishment. The Virtues are shown in the foreground in Celebration.

With Kitten the Virtues are usually clothed. It is better to not see them Naked like this. So the Goddesses are always clothed. Now, we know what is in Fashion.

Here the Dark Girl has a Gift for Pandora that to be delivered to Her by Psyche. All the Players are Aphrodite in a Play of Love.

Did you know there is a gigantic statue of my beloved  Persephone in New York harbor? That's right! There is no doubt that is Persephone (Destruction) standing tall for America! The occult metals that make up most of this statue: iron (War), copper (Love), and  mercury (Trade, or Commerce) are indeed magical. Kitten has pondered this question for decades. Who is the Statue of Liberty? It can't Mithra because, Mithra is male. It can't be a man in drag? Remember, Lucifer has His Pride! Both, Persephone, and Demeter carry a Torch sometimes to Illuminate the Darkness. Tanith being a Goddess of Fire might qualify as well being named Libra usually, shown holding a book.There is more. 

Demeter has an Apple Tree but, Demeter is not "Eve" even though Demeter acts like "Eve." If you cut the Apple a certain way. You can see the Kore. If you cut the Apple differently. You can see the Star inside the Apple. Then Luna could watch over Kitten. Kitten's Grandmother gave Kitten this teaching from the Eastern Star (Battlefield Nurse First World War).
Kitten got the Fireman from his Father, That is to give the Fire Safety. My Father was a flame thrower operator in Luzon during the Second World War. He had to serve in the Marines even though he enlisted as Army Air Corps. He won several medals for his bravery. He retired from the United States Air Force after three decades of Honorable Military Service. They all died Proud.

Demeter is Tara now. Since, Demeter has the Star in the Apple, and Fruit. The Wheel in the Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Tangerine are sacred to Ceres, and Tanith Pene El. This Eastern Deity Tara is actually, descended from Demeter as Terra in Rome. Yet, this Tara like Luna is a Luminary of Diana the Moon. Ceres is the Divine Mother of all of Diana, and the Luminaries: Ceres the Mother of the Moon.

Now, we can talk about the Secret of having Freya since, you have Catherine. You have Catherine (Purity), and Freya goes into Cats. Hopefully, you do have a cat. You can name your cat Freya. Catherine can be Freya sometimes, usually Catherine is called; Goodness to gather the Virtues, and Powers for you. You understand. The Fuhrer Precept, or Leadership Principle has been given to you as well. This all comes from Germany from Adolph Hitler.
Rudolph Hess got into a fight with Hitler over Hitler's cat Freya. That led to the downfall.

If you have Catherine the Major Demons can not harm you. That will protect you from the designs of the Klepoth. Freya won't do anything for a Jew unless, they get Catherine. To wit then you have a Jewish Catherine. Mind you they are Regional. You won't have Freya unless, you own a cat even in a zoo, or similar place.

We have to explain Our Salvation as it relates to God. H.G. Wells was at a loss to explain what a Christian is Saved from? "The pomegranate trees are in full bloom in Nashville. The little pomegranates can be plainly seen." Thus proof we are saved from annihilation.

Here are a couple stories about "Perfect Possession" per "Hostage to the Devil". One was born as Incarnate Miriam. She was born Jane Fonda on the Winter Solstice. Jane Fonda died on her nineteenth birthday when the Unholy Spirit entered her body, and killed her. Then she was only Miriam. This is kind of like in the "Bible" when the Holy Spirit came down to Jesus so He could take "Office." But, Miriam is a Murderer since, Miriam is Satan. So there is nothing but, Satan that inhabits Jane Fonda's body.

There are many mistakes a God can make when they Incarnate. 1) Prophecy yet, that God is not Omniscient. They will make mistakes. They still are just children! Worse, people may hear this, and act on it. What if prophecy is right? But, let us just say it isn't. Sooner, or later that God will make mistakes. These mistakes may prove to be astonishingly difficult to correct. 2) People don't act right. Like Their Parents for example. This Incarnate God knows this is true. It might be. Regardless, that God will grow up hating people. True. 3) Disorder. 4) Now, that God is on Their own, in a hostile World. They start to form a Cult. But, what if there is a Cult, or Cults there for this God already? Like the Lord of Misrule Dionysus? Masons might get involved on one side, or the other. Pelopensian Wars started in Ancient Greece like this. Pretty soon, they are fighting Carthage! Here comes Ancient Rome with all those new settlers. Dionysus got them all dead. That is right.  Mind you, these people are not sane. They will do. There are hundreds of political issues that come out of this. War, and Peace; all of it. 5) Persephone does not like Gods like this because, They want to take Persephone's place. There is this process that sets in. During this time that God Incarnates more. They become dangerous to Persephone! This is the problem of the Other. 6) Selfishness.

In the second case: Lauren Holly was born Lauren Holly almost, on the Autumn Equinox. Lauren Holly died on her fortieth birthday as a result of Familiarization because, of her closeness to Jane Fonda. Likewise, Lauren Holly's body is inhabited only by Miriam. If she continues to have evil companions. She is very close to it.

This process of Familiarization is rampant in American Society. It is the Family Ideal run amok. Intolerable presumption is quite the mark of this Family Center. The problem here is Community. Now, were you asked to join this Community? Is every man your father, uncle, brother, or son when you have no such relationship? Remember, none of these men are your comrades. Because, they are hostile! But, they are pretending not to be. You could fall for it. If you believe the Lie of Peace. That is the "Pretense" mentioned by Malachi Martin in his book "Hostage to the Devil". You will be sorry you did.

Third case is a Godless person can become possessed once, they are unsouled. This is usually, the result of extreme trauma. Persephone can intervene but, usually, it is too late because, they are Godless.

Miriam tends to possess women as "Woman." Mithra tends to possess men as "Man." Both, are truly Satan as the "Bible" claims the Devil is a Liar, a Thief, and a Murderer. You can not have a Good relationship with a God that wants to kill you because, Satan is your Enemy.

You should be glad you have Persephone. You will not be fooled since, you are part of God's Elect.

  "People are important." You are important because, you Exist. Existence is is your Real Soul. Other people Exist too. You are expected to be your Self. You have to respect  that unwritten  law. This is like the "Golden Rule" in the "Bible."
You have to like people. You might be antisocial. Then you have to break those habits. Some people are not easy to like. Kitten understands. Kitten really does. You have to practice friendship with your friends. You have to learn how to be friendly. It least know what friendship looks like, and act accordingly. Eventually, you will become a loving person. Persephone loves that. Persephone is a Goddess of Destruction, and a Lord Over Evil. Satan is not a Lord Over Evil; Persephone is. That is why Persephone destroys Mithra because, Mithra does Evil badly. Persephone hates Mithra's filthy Light. "Man"/ "Woman" have destroyed too much since, Mithra/Miriam lack Divine Discernment because, of God's Curse.

 Persephone loves being adored as a Love Goddess. We do not abandon people whether, they are  right, or wrong being wise in the Ways of Evil. We are not too good for our people. That is Humility.

Kitten must warn you regarding the broadcast media. Of course, that includes cable too. The music, advertising, plays, programs, and even the news have hidden political content. Worse, you will find yourself living in them. It is hard, or even impossible to understand the content defects that are inherit in this media. Make a note of that. We all know this media is bias. Who benefits? Where is it? Why? Who is talking? Remember, this is not all verbal. Who owns all this? Who controls this media. It should be you! Here is this popular song just going on, and on inside your skull. That is democracy? There are these ideals that somehow  proclaim that people individually, or collectively can solve every problem. The Mind of Man: what are beyond its capabilities? We are immersed in this Worship of Man.Yet, the "Age of Man" is over, spread the news.

We are going into Existence again, as opposed to this Life others maybe, our Enemies expect us to be living for them. That is political isn't it? In a dictionary there are seventeen definitions of this word  "life." Which one are  you Living? Life is the sum total of experiences you have had in the past. That you are presently experiencing, or will experience.  "Are you experienced?"  Like Jimmy Hendrix's "Purple Haze" these experiences might not be real. Maybe, you could "kiss the sky." But, let's say you can't. In the music you can. "When people stop talking Socialism is dead." You can listen to the music like Winston did in "1984." Because, you are going to "Face the Music." Unless, you start talking, and keep it up. Comrade Stalin understood that prior to seizing power upon Comrade Lenin's death. We are there now.
We have to understand, something about Taoism. "The Way" elaborated on in various Chinese writings both ancient, and modern is Death. You see there is no Other Way! Chairman Mao didn't govern China according to any Taoist "Way." That is why China is not dead. But, the Superstitious, and the Ignorant are sure footed in the Way. Their Paths lead surly to Destruction. Do not follow Them.

Some Christians claim to have discovered "the Way." They do not have Another Way! Persephone tell you that. The Shinning Path of Total Freedom is to look for Another Way.

Here President Woodrow Wilson, and Colonel House are flying high on the Hapsburg Fortune. They just Won the War. The World is all theirs. "Take it it's yours!" The Parrot says so.

Woodrow Wilson's time has run out. The War Chest is empty. He gets to join Washington with his Alchemy of Revolution in the confines of Hel. The Parrot lied. John Kennedy had a Parrot too. The Parrot was a "Think Tank," or a "Brain Trust." The Parrot says "You deserve it!"

"Unreality is the mark of our times."

Why does America celebrate July 4, 1776 rather than the ratification of the Constitution of United that established the country as a truly independent Nation on September 17, 1787? Is the American Revolution more important than the American Constitution? When are we going to quit fighting? Not ever.

The "hair shirt" was woven from the hair on a defeated duelist. A wry comment, concerning Saints in the Dark Ages.
The Wolf was the Landlord of St. Francis. Once the Wolf got his reward he was tame again. The Wolf was at his door quite often. A little bit of historical Middle Ages sarcasm.

The Art of Crete

It is the Romans making fun of people again. Women jumping over bulls. Men dressed in the manner of women. Take a look it is there. It isn't Feminism. It is mockery. The Children of Fair Aphrodite: Slaves.

Penelope is such a gifted speaker. Penelope can always, be heard in public speaking. It comes out of "1984." There in the book you have to be a "double plus quack speaker" to dominate the rest of the flock. That's how it happens.

Ceres has another Storybook. Look! Ceres can have storybooks too! This story came off a film called "The Gods Must Be Crazy." Ceres isn't crazy. There is an Occasional Hell in the Deserts of Ethiopia. Where there is an Economy of Water. Sort of like what people have in places like Dafur. It doesn't rain there much. Nowadays, it rains even less. That is because, all their water is locked away in these Icecaps at the North, and South Poles. It really is in there.

A coke bottle is really precious. It can still hold water. That man can hunt more. Maybe, he could kill a gazelle. His tribe would like that. He is eighteen years old but, he looks more like a man of thirty. Life has not been kind. He did manage to survive all the minions of disease. If you live to about twelve. Well you are immune to that sort of death.

 Dionysus is the Lord of the Wild. Dionysus has these people. They all live only in the moment. In a sense they are child like. But, that not is what they really are. They are a Wild Aboriginal People. No one can tame them. There is something they do have. It we ever get it. You wish you were never born.
That is a Seed of an Occasional Hell a gift of Dionysus.

Kommandant Kitten must tell you more about this Deity Zeus Oromazdes. The illustration to the left shows the Deification, or Apotheosis of Zeus Oromazdes (Bruce the Black, or Homer) dressed in a White Seamless Remnate, holding His Spear (that pierced Christ thusly, a Christ Killer); being crowned by the Mithraic "Temperance" Angel that pervades everything there. Zeus Oromazdes is Self Made. All the while, understanding, that is at Satan's Seat at Pergamon during the Roman Grecian Period. We can identify some of the "People" in this picture. Behind "Zeus" is Joan of Arc and Giles de Rais as His Saints. Sitting at the feet of "Zeus" is Miriam as the Scarlet Woman (Murder). In this case Miriam is Madamoiselle Arlot.  Notice, the Roman glave (sword) in its sheath at Miriam's Left Hand. The "Woman" dressed in the complement of red (green) is also, Miriam in Her Dark Form Phaedra (Shadow Goddess). The Roman glaver used to kill horses is lying across Miriam's lap. The "Man" (Charon) at Miriam's left can wield Her glaver only when he is told to do it. Persephone is absent. Even though Persephone who favors White like Ceres does wear Red (Execution). Persephone does wear Green as the "Dark Girl" Phaedra. The "Woman" in blue is "Euphoria" the Juno of Pergamon one of the Three Graces holding the hand of King James. Next to King James is a Roman Proconsul (the Forum). Notice, Oliver Cromwell (Parliament) is sitting is in the middle of the Three Gentlemen on the same side as King James, and the Roman Proconsul looking right at you. The Left Hand of Juno has an Unsheathed Sword (Bible) pointed at Miriam. The gent next to Juno's right hand is no other than Alexander the Great shown with several quills to be used by "Scholars". Alexander's Teacher Plato, or Aristotle is standing holding his Opus as an offering to "Zeus". Next to Plato, from left to right is Brutus and Cassius. Standing behind Brutus and Cassius next to the Roman Tribune is Villain (Theseus) the Companion of Faust standing at King James' left hand. Next to "Zeus" at His Right Hand is a Mithraic adept of the Occult Rank holding a Macedonian Shield. Behind the Juno of Pergamon (Juno of Rome: Royalty)is a Roman Tribune. So Juno is going to exact payment but, not one of "Those People" can meet Juno's gaze. They do not want to pay Juno for anything. So none of them are Royal except, King James. Orpheus is there offering his harpsichord to "Zeus". The Mithraic Herakles Ares is offering the Gavel. Next to Herkales Ares is the Roman God Mars holding His Spear. At the right hand of Mars is Sophocles, next to arrayed in orange is Socrates. Plato is behind Socrates there. Behind, "Herakles" is Pandora (Cleopatra) offering Pandora's Box filled with Woe. Julius Caesar, and Lord Tiberius Caesar plus Two Guards are standing at the right hand of Pandora.  In the foreground, to the fore of Herakles Ares gazing at the audience is Machiavelli offering his tome "The Prince": suitably blood soaked, of course standing among the Hapsburg contingent. Further to the right is the Old Jew, a Knave, and a Serf. Opposite the Hapsburg three money lenders is George Fox foreground looking off to the right behind Oliver Cromwell, and Guy Fawkes both looking right at you. There are several Families that have undergone Deification painted into this picture since, this was a tradition among this Sacred Society. Most of these gestures are part of a universal language: semiology.

This can be done as a Divine Comedy where the canvas comes to life. Juno has to escort the "King" back home who is helplessly, and hopelessly turning into "Zeus." That is the "Plot" here in this case.

King James died from "Eating the Good Rocks of the Land." That gave the King appendicitis that he died from thinking the Devil did it. King James thought it was Biblical to "Eat the Good Rocks of the Land." Ceres had grown tired of His Majesty.

You will notice this doppelganger effect. Everything in Satan's World has a counterpart of this one. There is a wraith that is you over there as well as a counterpart of me Persephone. Everyone there in that picture lives only for Him in His All Consuming Oneness. That wraith, or doubleganger can enter people. This is Another Ego. This is the Comergent Demon. Not Self. Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss are inherit in Self.

Mind you, this whole painting was done by King James I. If you know all the Royal Writings in the hand of King James you will know some of the Sophistry depicted in this Royal Work of Art. Everything in there has a place in James' Kingdom. "The wisest fool in Christendom."

There are Two Other Tyrants that are not in this picture. One is Apollo as the God of Healing, Health, and Boundless Energy. The Real Apollo minus this Mithraic jargon is a Horse Fetish usually, a mare. Strange as it seems. Can you say "bestiality?" But, let us get real by saying Apollo's name from the Ancient Greek "Apollon" means "To Destroy." Do you really want Apollo's Muses? Do you want Apollo's "Medicine." It has got to be bad. Persephone can take this over!

Dionysus as the Lord of Misrule is always, a Tyrant. Dionysus stripped of Mithraic Gnosticism is nothing but, a Mouse Fetish. Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! This God is hard to get rid of because, Dionysus is a "Stranger." He could always, come from someplace else. Once, everything is known His Destruction is at Hand. The "Helping Hand of Anarchy" can work against Dionysus. Especially, with the "Helping Hand of Fate" (Tanith) after Dionysus. This is how Dionysus always, dies. No one can stand His Tyranny.

There are people that Play the Role Dionysus all the time. The Other Gods are pretty much like that. How about those Angels? Why don't you stay with Persephone. You have to be introduced by Persephone of course. Kitten helps you with that. Kitten and Persephone are together.

 The Philosophy of Ancient Greece has either Apollonian, or Dionysian  Schools. These Schools fought constantly. The Ancient Greeks going down into that Darkly Shining Realm of Sophistry. Destroying their women. Ruining their men.
This Contagion has gotten a lot into Modern Psychology as well as the Arts, and Sciences. It frames issues, and dictates to people by very subtle means. These tyrants are always, worried about their freedom. Why?

Now, for something different! Let's say that Zeus
Oromazdes is really on Mount Olympus. Zeus can be Satan if that is what you want. Kitten can be the Cat in the presence of a foe, likewise. Let's just say that Zeus isn't the Devil. Bruce the Black was a Good Man, and Bruce lives again for the Good of His People. None of the personages in that painting are diabolical except, King James. King James is nuts.
Just because, people for there much repeated sayings are parroting. Does this make it so?

There came into being huge a population of these Christs. Kitten hopes that Zeus is up to the task of killing all them off. These are the Children of the Bull of El. We have a small army of Minotaurs. They are Monsters.

King James believed the Bull of El was indeed God. So far that is true. It is. Then this Bull of El's Child the Minotaur was a Son of God. The Minotaur was a species of Christ. This Thing being part Divine, and part Bull Fetish. This should not be. But, what if it did?

The Minotaur is a Mythical Monster. Minotaur isn't real is He? But, the Minotaur is more real than you are! People will be still talking about this Minotaur long after you are dead buried, and forgotten!

Theseus kills the Minotaur at the behest of Phaedra. Theseus is incarnate as Lord Kitten.

But, we are not finished yet. The Girl in the Green Remnate in the above picture is also, with Persephone, Ceres, Diana, Minerva, Juno, Maya, Nirrti, Plenty, Freya, Catherine, Alaster:the Cat, Alar, Neptune, Mars, Kitten, Holly, and Three Others are the Founders. Still Named "Phaedra," and is called "Persephone" sometimes. Phaedra is the Goddess of Wealth Ops who is very Persephone like. Phaedra presides over electromagnetic phenomena  so Phaedra is "Shining" with Her own Light on the Other Side. Phaedra can be here after Phaedra has been summoned. That was a long time ago. Phaedra is the Dark Flame, the Dark Girl, the Companion, and Phaedra is also, Venus like. But, Phaedra was known in Ancient Rome as the Goddess Ops. Ops! Ops! Ops!
Standing next to King James right behind Brutus, and Cassius is Villain, also known as Friend Kitten.

Here is an example of the Harvest Home. Charon is leading the Company of Adults past Ceres dressed in white with the basket above Her, and Pomona dressed in Blue with the Shepard 's crook. From left to right behind Charon: Thanatos the Reaper, Phaedra the One Who Gathers, and Martha the Harvest Queen. Hecate dressed in Scarlet holding the Rake for the Threshing Floor next to Persephone making Merry. The Harvest has been good. It will last through the Winter until the next Harvest.

Here is the Goddess Ceres with Her Two Dragons: Agriculture, and Industry. The Agriculture, and Industry are more than subsistence living. The Cart shown above is Commerce.

Even though we don't see the Sun. Yet, we all know the Sun exists anyway. When you look at the Sun all you will see is Solar Plasma. That is the Lake of Holly. This Solar Plasma descends down to our Planet. This Solar Plasma actually, built this place where we live. That is called Earth. The Holly Deity is very important to us. Her Name is Holly. We have to propagate Holly on Earth. We have to have a Science, and Technology. Holly Talk is Physics.

In the Heavens there is a Star we will call Melpomene. There are Two Planets. Both, Planets have a Lake of Holly.

The little Angry Orange Bird came to Kitten. While, Kitten was thinking Orange Thoughts. As Kitten was drinking Orange Juice from Florida. The little Angry Orange Bird was talking to Kitten all about the Ukraine. "Why are you angry little Orange Bird?"

"10 O'Clock in the Morning"

 Here is a little story named "10 O'Clock in the Morning." About the life of an elderly lady in a little town in Canada on the American border. The boats are cruising leisurely along the Sinclair river. The town is picturesque. It is 1960. Everything is lovely. This person was a  Doctor of Sociology at the University of San Francisco. That woman is going to die. Of course, she has to get her interview. After all, the Professor may still be worthy of life. The Administration does things like this. Her case is unusual. It looks like RSHA: German acronym for "Race, and Resettlement." For this is the Auschwitz Planet. Agent Smith is there going through her file.

"There is a problem. It seems that you have been living at least two lives."

"In one life: you are a retired Professor of Sociology living in your charming little cottage. You are an avid bird watcher. You walk your little toy poodle every morning, and evening prior to eating. You are an excellent gardener. I see you have been praying to God a lot during the past few days. So you know you don't have much time."

"In this other life, you are leading. You are some sort of  master spy. You have been watching everybody. Apparently, since, the day you were born. The names of everybody in town are known to this group of academics. You have been working them for all these years."

"Here is the problem."

"You have been keeping all these logs, and ledgers of anti temperance incidents for President Hoover all this time. You have been writing every friend, and relative you can think of to share this information with them. Because, you are afraid someone might kill you."

 "Here are all these pictures of people at the local church. But, you are Jewish. Those pictures have been shared as well."

"This file is filled with reports on everybody there. All of them are derogatory."
"There are 634 people dead as a result of your activity."

    "You didn't pull the trigger on any of them. Nothing, that honest."

"We have an Administrative decision in this matter. This is what it is. You will wake up the same time like you always do. You get to walk your dog. Leisurely eat your splendid breakfast: orange juice, tea, English muffins with butter and marmalade, Canadian bacon, and two eggs over easy. Then do a little gardening. At 10 o'clock sharp you will die from a coronary thrombosis as you sleep in your lounge chair."

"You have been found unworthy of life."

"You may leave. When you wake up. You will remember this dream since, I say so."


 It goes a lot further because, this elderly lady had a Dionysian Work Ethic. Even though, she was a Master Spy. She wanted to do something else. She has something better to do than be a Spy.

 She feels she is in chains. But, she wants her freedom. She is chained  to these people she has been told to watch. She is going to say nothing but, bad things about the people she is watching. Because, she is chained to them.

 Therefore, she hates them. She hates work. But, she knows how to disguise this even when she was a Professor in San Francisco University. Because, this Dionysian Work Ethic pervaded that University. Since, Dionysus was popular among the Intelligencia there in San Francisco.

She became a Hellenized Jew. She is really a Pagan. She was transformed into an Enemy of Judaism. Judas Maccabee would have killed her on sight. She is just not unclean. She is a Enemy of God.

 Dionysus hates Work.

 She is just like Joe Six Pack in  "The Auschwitz Dialogs".

The Orange Bird here is Ceres. You go to the Ukraine: the Orange Bird flies right out of the ground, and starts talking to you. Telling all about the Soil of the Ukraine. What kind of ground you have. When you go to Florida. The Orange Bird will be right there for you. Then you will know if you can be at home there, or not. The Orange Bird is in California, but they are still busy nesting in the trees.

What has the Little Orange Bird got to say about Florida? Did you know they have a fresh water shortage? They need to be mining those phosphates, and keeping those lakes around. Since, they charge the enormous fresh water aquifer. Thus, preventing salt water intrusion. Environmental Cults cause extreme environmental problems for orange trees.

Ceres can pose as the Fenir Wolf. Kitten figures you will like the little Orange Bird better. You are not supposed to give Fenir to your Comrades. It bites a lot.

Wild, and Free! As Naked as the day they were born.

Now, that doesn't sound like a Curse does it?

These Little Dionysia started up in Europe during the Middle Ages. Middle Life? Who made that term up? Who voted for it?

Let's go on with this dissertation. Who were these Dionysian people? We get a little bit of clue about the troubadours. Sounds like trouble? It did begin with this Code of Chivalry. Courtly Love not Courtney Love. All these little tournaments, passion plays, and festivals were propagating dissent in the masses of Peoples.

We have addressed the Jewish Problem that is the betrayal of their Judaism.  Usually, under the guise of doing good.

There it is again just like it always is. Can it be the Cruel Hand of Fate? Perhaps, the Wrath of God?

Let's just say that people are getting bad again.

The Germanic Peoples have also, experienced this German Problem.

They always, seem to have it.

 We find this with Balder. Balder is Dionysus. Dionysus is a Demi God, Asura, or Fighting God. An Enemy of God. Dionysus is storming Heaven.

The problem that many people have is they just glimpse at things. They spend their whole lives being practically blind to obvious truths right in front of them. You really have to train yourself to look at things, and not glimpse at them. Because, people are important. You are important. Everything is important. The quality of life improves markedly with that sort of view point.

Again, we have this Christian Problem with extensive corruption in the Churches.

There it is again.

Then we find a Global Problem with every group of people you can think of, and then some. It is corruption of Norms, and Values that each group see as unique to them only. It really isn't.

It is back again.

So we find the necessity of having Persephone here again.

So it goes.

Ceres has gotten Dark again.

Tanith Pene El has come down again.

Now, it is time to Organize again.


It is just that Way.

Dionysus has been building His Camp all this time so He can die in it.

Let's not die with Him.

These are the Logical Consequences of His Playfulness.

For Dionysus is a Dying God.

Mithra is a Dying God.

Balder is a Dying God.

We don't worship Them.

Their Time has come.

Their Divine Retinues are dying.

The Great God Pan is Dead.

Let's not mourn Him.

Pan is Forever Dead.

So are His People.

They are the Forever Dead.

We are not going to Revive Them are We?

Not at all!

Are We going to give Them offerings?

Not much.

Save for the Gifts of Death.

The Pomegranate Trees are in full bloom again.

 The little pomegranates can be plainly seen.

The Holly Trees are in full bloom in Nashville.

They are bursting with white blossoms, and red berries.

The Tennessee Laurel Trees are full of flowers.

The land is Fruitful.

The Earth is Good.
Here is beautiful Catherine story.

Once upon a time there was a man who hated holly trees. He couldn't stand Christmas, either. He was mean, and stupid.

"The hollies are coming!"

"The hollies are coming!"

"The hollies are coming!"

He woke up suddenly out a deep sleep.

The homeowners were conspiring again.

He was sitting outside.

There were several holly trees gathered at the end of the block.

They looked adorable.

 Their holly skirts touched the ground.

 You couldn't see their naked trunks.

Hollies are very bashful.

The hollies had that conical Christmas tree shape.

They were very large hollies.

At the other end of the block.

There they were again.

People are outside celebrating the holly trees.

The holly trees seemed to be getting closer to his house.

Every time he looked at them.

His dog is gone!

He called Rex again.

Rex isn't there.

The King always, was.

His mother used to come, and visit him.

But, that was a long time ago.

He never married.

He hated girls.

There is another holly tree.

It's right across the street!

He didn't see them plant him.

Male hollies don't have any of those red berries.

That's a holly boy.

The holly girl is growing on the other side of the entrance.

Hollies are usually, planted in holly pairs.

All his neighbors suddenly seem to have them.

The hollies look very stately.

Hollies are very proud.

He wasn't sure how.

There are two holly trees growing on either side of the veranda.

The hollies are closing in.

Hollies got him before he could get away.

"Those holly trees look really great."

"There are more of them of in the nursery."

"What happed to the owner?"

"No one could find him."

"Anyway, the house is mine."

"I am his sister."

"I knew he would love the holly trees."

"We were very close."

Another, trap you can fall for is the "idle time".

You are supposed to have another girl with you at all times.

This happens frequently to young girls.

Kore is always, the Young Demeter confused frequently with the Maiden Persephone.

That does protect Demeter.

Demeter will live long enough to grow up safely.

Both Goddesses usually, pair up like that.

There are other pairs.

When Demeter will be with Her Daughter Kore.

Actually, usually, Kore will have Persephone as Her Baby Sister.

Their are lots of Companion Deities.

That is where you will find the God Kitten in the Train of Eros.

As know Kitten is a Ancient God of Girls.

Those are Girls of Any Age.

Usually, when Persephone has come of age Kore will be Her Baby Daughter, and Persephone will be Kore's Big Sister.

Demeter, and Persephone are different.

They both work together.

The Goddess Maya always, depicted as a Little Girl. The Goddess Maya is the May Day Girl. The Goddess Maya is usually, always clothed in bright colors. Maya is a Major Virtue.

Angrbooa (Old Norse: one who brings grief, or she who offers sorrow) is present at the Goddess Maya's right hand.

The Lady with red hair is Persephone.

Ceres is standing at the left hand of the Goddess Maya.

There are the Four Seasons.

Maya is usually, a very colorfully dressed Little Girl. When Maya is at Her best.

The Goddess Maia is shown here on this Artsy Coin. You can go ahead, and collect this one if you can.

This is a Romanesque Sign for the Month of May.

This Maya with One of Her Dragons named Delusion.
This the Yogic Maya the Goddess of Illusion, and Enlightenment.
Maya say "Not This, Not This" the Mantra of Skepticism.
Very bright colors very good May.

Maya the Mother of Buddha. The blueish color means that that Deity is probably Dead. Maya not have that!

This is the Annona the Grain Goddess that is part of the Retinue of Ceres. Annona is a very revered Roman Virtue. You can see the Catherines are in attendance as the Harvest Queens.

This is the Goddess Pomona with Her Fruit Basket. The pomegranate is hidden in there someplace. "Pom!" Pomona is paired with the Male Deity Vertumnus the Gardener. Pomona has a pruning hook rather than a sickle. Pomona is the Goddess of Fruit Trees, Gardens, and Orchards. Pomona, and Vertumnus like Annona are Roman Virtues in the Main Retinue of Ceres.

Abundantia the Harvest Goddess is at the Left Hand of Ceres. The Sunny Sun is right above Abundantia. Persephone is at the Right Hand of Ceres. Abundantia is a Roman Virtue. Abundantia, Thalia, Persephone the Fair, Pomona, Maya Maia May, Flora, Annona, and several Other Goddess, and Gods are there in Divine Procession. Pomona is one of the Major Virtues. One of the Catherines has a pomegranate in Her hand. "Pom!"

Look! Juno is a Pomegranate Girl. "Pom!"
Juno is usually, in the Procession of Ceres.
Understand, there are thousands of Agrarian Deities normally, with Ceres all the time.
Juno is a City Dweller.
Hera can be either, Juno, or  Minerva.
Juno like Ceres has a vast of Retinue Deities.

As you must know Kitten goes out, and gets good things for the people that love Kitten.

Kitten can pull the "Kitten Cart" from Freya a lot, but Kitten doesn't want to unless, it is really needed.

So the Kitten Daemon can do that for you at times.

You can ride in the "Kitten Cart" along with Kitten's Deities.

The Quartermass Experience

Once upon a time Mr. Quartermass, and his faithful dog Gnarm went on a treasure hunt. They did. The dog was digging because, Gnarm wanted to show him something really strange. It was one of his bones. Then Mr. Quartermass started screaming in his coffin. He couldn't do that very well. Since, Mr. Quartermass had been dead for quite a while. During, the time of the movie "The Quartermass Experiment" he has really been dead. Exhausting himself until, he was ready to experience his true  nature. "I  am dead." That's it. Isn't that beautiful? You see Gnarm told Mr.  Quartermass  he was "Life." Mr. Quartermass  identified Gnarm's  Life with his life sometime before his real death.  End of story.
That is why Persephone (Hel) has to keep Cerberus (Gnarm) Chained. Otherwise, Cerberus gets too big, and runs off. He'll do that. For this Dog does not have any Master. Cerberus is Wolfen. He is out of the Fenir Wolf.

Food is an inalienable right. That is why food is not income. Food is a given. Food is an entitlement regardless of status. There is an economy of food. Every person is entitled to be fully nourished every day. It is not just eating. We have a USDA (United States Department Agriculture) Food Pyramid. We will make use of it. Food is not medicine. We understand, that supplementation is normally food, and not medicine in all cases. Vitamins are not drugs. Hormonal substances are food. Even though, these substances have drug like effects. We don't need a doctor. We just need a table to determine whether, we are being nourished, or not. Geriatrics is not medicine. Bariatrics is not medicine at all. This why we say so. Because, we have a problem with medicine right away.

Fertilizers are not pesticides. They are plant foods.

Disease may come about as a result of a moral failing. Morals are not medicine. You don't have to be a doctor to deal with a moral defect, or shortcoming. That could be part of growing up.

Here My Persephone has the attributes of Flora, and Ceres.

  This is the Apotheosis of Hercules. This theme is very, very complex for it reveals a lot about Tanith Pene El Expression of Amour (Love) dressed in Blue, and White holding the hand of Jove. Jove is Man Deified. Likewise, Juno is Woman Deified. Amour is looking very dainty.

As explained earlier, the Name: Tanith means "Gift"; Pene means "Face";  El means of the God  YHVH. Thus, Tanith Pene El is very Fair. Her Gift of Love brings Life to All the Deities gathered there for the Apotheosis of Hercules.

You can talk to Amour regarding your Apotheosis as Juno.

Then you will be a Jane (Woman).

Finally, you have to have a place for your Juno to be defined. You have to talk to Ceres about where to settle. Nashville is not Bad.

You have talk to Diana concerning the Order, and Sequence of your Apotheosis as Juno.

Finally, you have to go to Persephone for Finishing School to make you Royal.

 The Angel Hovering over Amour is MLK ( pronounced Milk). Understand, that MLK is an Extension of Amour.

 Hercules in the Cart drawn by the Catherines (Virtues) is  MLK the Expression of Tanith Pene El that has Hercules is Severity as the Winged Deity hovering before Hercules. Hercules after the completion of all His Labors is going to Severity. Who is the Tanith deity there, and Hercules will go back for more Work. The Canopy being spread around Jove, and Juno is to shade Hercules.

The Tanith Deities holding the Canopy are called, Plenty sometimes, called Plentitude. There are Four Plenty that Hold the Canopy of the Heavens. They are very friendly. You have to be very good with Them for Them to come to you. That is always, in the Manner of Amour.

In the painting there are Three Girls Holding the Canopy of the Heavens in front that are clearly visible. The Canopy of Heaven is being held in mid air. That means there is one, or more Girls Holding the Canopy of the Heavens from behind invisible to us.

Another name for Plenty is Many. There is a Multitude of these Tanith Deity. There are many Persons yet, can be one Deity like the Egyptian Nuit. The Celestial Realm is not the same as the Terrestrial Realm. The Rules there are different. A Celestial Person can be in many Persons, and many Places at Once.

 Kitten is only permitted Four Spheres.

That is what you can have.

This is impossible.

That makes it very romantic.

If you can do it.

You should.

This extreme Royal Art to honor King Louis XIV of France.

Without the Grace of King Louis XIV our World would be so much poorer.

If you can do this. Then you should Gather the Spheres for Plenty to Talk to You.

 The First Sphere is the Sun Sphere: clear hollow Japanese glass, orange yellow sphere.

 The Second Sphere of Venus: opaque hollow Japanese glass, a light tender blue sphere.

The Third Sphere of Mars: The Martial Sphere is clear hollow Japanese glass, a bright blue, and carmine admixture of both colors with each color clearly visible in on this sphere.

Finally,  the Fourth Sphere of Saturn:  opaque hollow Japanese glass, a chalk white sphere.

The spheres contain no ingredients. That means these Spheres do not need to be opened up to add alchemical ingredients like is done with Cabala Spheres. That is permitted. Yet, there is a lot of artistic license here.

All these Spheres must get the Blessings of Shinto people. If that is permitted.

Each Sphere can be placed in Its' Own Display Case, or Such Manner to enhance the Artistic Effects. That can be done in Japan too. This is a Work Unique Electronic Art.

Each Sphere may contain substances in the glass. So the Sphere's appearance will change in the presence of ultraviolet  light. This Heavenly Sphere can be seen in both simulated Day, and Night. At Night all these Spheres of Heaven should shine seemingly with a light of Their Own.

Then these Spheres of Plenty can be displayed in a secure place such as an art museum for the edification of the people.

This is very good to do that.

Plenty will bless them for you.

These are the Dragon Balls of the Heavens, and you will have Them.

 So there are Three Expressions of Tanith Pene El: Amour, Severity, and Plenty.

So Hercules is a Gift of Severity. That is the First Truth.

Mercury is sitting at the Right Hand of Amour Deep in Thought as always.

At the Right Hand of Mercury is Eros, and Aphrodite (Persephone). Vertumne the Gardener is next to Diana while, His Paramour Pomona is looking towards us.

Diana is going to want a Sphere since, She is a Luminary in the likeness of the Heavenly Spheres of Plenty.

 The Sphere of Diana: is a clear hollow Japanese glass, rainbow like in color.

The Sphere of Diana must be in Her Own Place.

The Sphere of Ceres: is a clear hollow Japanese glass, a golden brown with other colors in harmony that glows in UV light.

The Sphere of Ceres is in Her Own Place.

Kitten has taken the liberty of increasing the picture's gamma levels to find more hidden features. At the bottom Morpheus the God of Sleep is lying down.

The Angel of Annunciation Gabriel is blowing the trumpet above Morpheus.

As we go up through the entrance to the Upper Terrestrial are the Twins Castor and Polux wrestling with each other. They do that.

On our left is Mars watching the Procession of Hercules intently. Mars is "at ease" holding His shield.

At the Left Hand of Mars is Malcolm the Publican.

Above the Twins Asclepias is holding the Healing Serpent of Apollo Python.

Pomona is turned away from Her Paramour who is busy listening intently to what Diana is telling Him. It is probably about Vertumne's Gardening, or having permission to do things in Diana's Realm. It is probably a Sacred Grove dedicated to Diana. Of course, Vertumne will do that for Diana. Note, Pomona is turned away. So this could be very racy. Diana has Her Bow Unstrung. Diana looks like She is in the Mood for Love.

Vertumne can not refuse Diana. Pomona is pouting because, Pomona is inferior to Diana. But, all three are on friendly terms with each other. There are negotiations in progress. They will all Lie Down Together sometime later.

Behind Pomona is the Roman God Lucifer. Lucifer is being watched closely by Venus. You see Lucifer is a God with the Mind of a Very Determined Little Boy. Therefore, Lucifer can be very Deadly. He is trying to be Good.

  Venus is looking very demure. Acting like She is not interested in Sex at all.

Cupid is guarding Venus' Chasity. Notice, Cupid's Bow is Unstrung.

Above Venus is Hermes (Mercury) At Rest.

Faunus is behind Hermes Mercury also, At Rest. Faunus is the God of Livestock.

Above Faunus is is Fauna the Goddess of Domestic Animals.

There are two Catherines on either side of Amour. Amour's Falcon, or a Young Eagle as the God Kitten is almost, done feasting on a freshly killed Hare.

The God Kitten has to go out, and get good things for Phaedra, and the rest of the Circle of Love down below. 

There are Three Emanations of Amour holding the Canopy. That is "correct" since Tanith Pene El is a Unitary Deity, but not "proper" since, the Tanith Deities are Celestial Girls.

That should do it for now.

Here is another, very complex painting featuring Tanith Pene El Expression of Amour (Love). Understand, Tanith Pene El is the Celestial Juno, and Tanith Pene Baal is the Terestial Juno who is a Woman that is Their Own Deity.

Amour is surrounded by the Catherines (Virtues). Her Cart Drawn by the Birds of Paradise. Both Birds of Paradise are named Love.

Again, MLK is at the Right Hand of Amour. Now, Amour is a Male Impersonator so MLK is an Extension of Amour to Serve the Needs of Love.

The Man lying next to the sleeping boy is Morpheus the God of Sleep. Morpheus is the Boogie Man. You remember hearing about how the Boogie Man will get you? The Boogie Man hides under your bed. Morpheus is also called the "Sand Man." Morpheus puts sleep dust in people's eye's so they fall asleep. Annd, you want get the "Sleeper" after somebody. That will drive them crazy. Where is he? The Sleeper might be under the bed. You better not look. Sometimes, the Sleeper hides in the closet. Otherwise, the Sleeper is in the attic. They will have to check it out. The Light might keep the Sleeper away. They will have to leave at least one light on all night. As Kitten sleeps the Sleeper can be with somebody Kitten hates. This is an Old Trick. Morpheus is in the Retinue of Juno. Juno is a Muse of Royalty the Mother of the Caesars.

Now, Mushika like that but, Mushika could be scratching at the door. It could be Mushika. They might hear Mushika gnawing at the wall. Everybody knows Mice get into everything. Mushika just did. Where is Mushika? Mushika is in the Retinue of Maya. Maya is the Muse of Freedom the Mother of the Buddhas.

At the right hand of the dreaming boy is Lucifer. Lucifer here is an Extension of MLK.

Bet you didn't know that.

Lucifer is holding a Pointer Mephistopheles in Lucifer's Left hand pointing towards the Goat Horn Mulciber that appears as a Torch held in Lucifer's Right Hand.

Note, the Owl, and the Hare are there in the Service of Love. Both of these are Lunar Animals. That means the Luminary Hecate is in attendance. This the Dark Side of the Moon.

The Catherine's are bringing the Gifts of Amour to the sleeping boy.

Here  Juno is receiving the Hydra's Head from Mercury while Tanith is looking on.  Here Tanith is terrestrial. Juno's Throne is surrounded by the Catherines. We can see Juno's Bird of Paradise. Note that Juno is amorous here.

Hebe waters the Garden for the Gardener. Hebe is one of the Luminaries of Diana. Hebe is a Rain Making Deity.

There is Hephaestus with Andromeda before the Cart of Glory with Lucifer flying at the Right hand of Hephaestus.

This is something you might see in the Bardo between life, and death.

These people probably, have taken poison.

The Catherine with Diana is Hope of Redemption.

Diana has just told this man he is dead. His family is really dead. All his sheep are dead. Because, he got Out of Order.

Diana always, has Order for People, if they will accept Diana's Order.

The Land is desolate now. It won't support anything.

This man doesn't even have a house to live in, or for his family.

His sheep are dead because, they belong to somebody else.

He prayed to Diana for a Merciful Death.

Diana could give him that.

But, why?

"Thebes has fallen!"

His Band did Worship Diana.

The Shepard is in Elysium.

They all can come back.

Diana teaches Hunting to everyone that can have it.


Diana has a few things missing.

Diana already, has Diana's Bow.

You have to find Diana's Quiver for the Great Hunt.

All the Deities expect you to find it.

Let's say, you did.

Diana will like you more.

You have to get some Arrows for Diana.

You have to go out, and Hunt with Diana.

Diana is waiting.

Thebes says they Worship Diana.

But, Diana does not have much.

There aren't enough Offerings.

Diana has been cheated.

Yet, Thebes want Diana to Protect them.

This is where it really gets ugly 

 Diana here is a Goddess of Cats. Diana is almost, like Demeter in this case.

The Luminaries represent the Phases of the Moon (Nityas) as Diana, or along with Diana.

 Pomona brings Diana the Bounty of the Land as an Offering.

Dogs are not usually, allowed in the Forest because, dogs are too dangerous when they roam free.

They will kill people, and wildlife.

That is why Persephone keeps the Dog chained since, the Dog is too close to the Wolf.

There is the legend of a hunter that was torn asunder by his own hunting dogs as a grim warning.

Diana usually, does have One Dog that is Her.

Diana will pose, if She really likes you. "The bounty of the land reveals Diana." This is the proper order, and sequence of events from planting to harvest. You will see this in your bumper crop. Monsanto is good here to study.

Diana is looking very good, and sexy.

The meat will definitely be a boon for Her.

Kitten has to get up there on the soap box, and preach about Nutrition.

Here Diana has rickets. It is a bone disease caused by lack of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus early in life.

You can find this nutritional information of your food packages, cook books, and the internet. You will have to study this well. Beware of fads, fraud, and quackery!

Understand, the nutrient content of food will vary according to how it is produced.

You will have to supplement your diet. Walmart has supplements at bargain prices.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to check supplements, and hormones for potency. Synthroid (levothyroxine) has been been found to be 50% sub potent. Armor thyroid has been found to be inert. All hormones should be checked from batch to batch, and tested for bioavailablity. You have to keep commerce honest.

Physicians have done a great disservice to girls in the past.

It is difficult for girls to trust doctors anyway.

 That trust has to be earned, and proven.

Many of the food, and nutrition studies done in places like John Hopkins University are patently false. Fraud.

There is this Dionysian Work Ethic in Medicine that can not be discounted. Those people must be purged from medicine.

Malnutrition is a national scandal. All classes of people in all walks of life have been affected by this neglect in the field of Public Health.

The Hind is also, Diana. Diana has a Game: Hide and Seek.


They are too slow.

Slow to think.

Slow to act.

Slow to do good.

We have all had to deal with people, and things that are too slow.

Now, it time to go a little further. MLK is named Melquart according to the Deities of Tyre. Tyrus is the Latin name for the same city. You understand, that Amour has Mequart. That Melquart has something to do with Fire. So we burn something. Part of that is our metabolisms. We have to heat our houses when it is cold outside. Then we have the Fires of Commerce. That was the chief concern of Carthage. We have gone much further towards Civilization.

We are talking about money, and transactions.

Something, that makes sense.

Mequart has a lot of Secrets.

If you learn them.

You will do well in business.

We have to explain something more about Hercules, or Herakles. Because, Hercules can be confused with Dionysus. We can see this in Mary Renault's literature particularly, "The Last Hercules." Here we have a different kind of  Critter. He is obviously, not Hercules. The Dorian form is different too. But, we are explaining things in Carthaginian terms. With that in mind. Let's find out who this Critter really is. The Mithraic Herkales Ares comes to mind. Since, Mithra is a Spy Deity that foments insurrections. That one seems to fit. The other one is Dionysus with His Games, and His Stone Age mentality, and His Maiden. The Doric King is Hades along with His Daughter either, the Young Ceres (Kore), or Persephone, or both Goddesses. It ends rather, badly for Hercules Dionysus. He gets feathered with arrows like Robin until, the Dorians can secure Him alive. The Kings Daughter, and Her Friends the Corybants: must play with the Fallen Hercules. This is all an Orgy staged for the benefit of the King's Daughter. Hercules eventually, must Die by Fire. His Maiden gets the Dagger from the Daughter of Hades because, the Maiden is not strong enough to stand in Her Way.

Reiterate: The Orgy

The Orgy is elaborately staged, enacted, and managed for the titillation of the Audience.

 This is a Passion Play.

The Victim is always Innocent.

This is the Way of Severity.

The Real Hercules is highly cultured, refined, and well mannered.

Hercules is a Friend of Mars.

Hercules is not a Dying God after the Apotheosis

 Osiris, Thamuz, Attis, Adonis, and several Other Deities that Harm Love.

They are Demonic since, these Deities are not Incarnate.

Because, they are Forms of the Anti Christ in Their Demonic Forms.

They are too close to Death.

That makes them dangerous to girls.

 The God Kitten is hiding somewhere in the palace. Kitten is never mentioned in the book. There are similarities in the rhythm that likens this to the cartoon movie "Samari Jack."

 There are many things you can understand.

 Mequart makes money, and Dionysus doesn't.

That was why Carthage frowned on Dionysus.

Dionysus can make money.

If Dionysus understands, that.

Hercules really does something.

 Those are the Labors of Hercules as opposed to the Play of Dionysus.

 Hercules works while Dionysus shirks.

Yet, somehow you have got to be both.

Every girl needs to understand, whether that man is a Hercules, or a Dionysus.

If you marry a Hercules. You are going to be pretty lonely but, well off.

If you marry a Dionysus. He could be another Blue Beard. He could be a real good entertainer. Every God has their Demonic Form. If the God is not present. The Demon always is.

Pay attention to Kitten!

Dionysus lives off of women in a bad sort of way. Dionysus wants His Life of Ease, and Free of Care. You have understand that. He will do nothing for you. That is when Dionysus is not challenged.  When you catch Dionysus in an unguarded moment that is what you will find. He does not love you because, you do not matter at times. Dionysus has to be entertaining. You will put up with Dionysus.

We find an under developed Melquart in the works of the fantasy writer Robert E. Howard in his Conan series.

You have these Labors Love that are meant to pay off.

To us commercialism is not crass at all.

There are people who write poetry for the sake of poetry, and songs for the sake of songness.

But, Kitten is not one of them.

That is why the Joy of Running is not there for Kitten.

Poor Kitten.

There is one thing that bothers Poor Kitten.

 It is how much of the Gross National Product of the United States of America is spent on these Amateur Sports.

We all know the Olympics, and all the infrastructure that supports this Dionysia.

 That includes all the amateur sports: events, clubs, grade school, high school, college, and individual efforts that take over one quarter of the Gross National Product.

How does a Jew, Christian, or Muslim feel about all these billions of dollars going to support a Pagan Dionysia?

It doesn't do anything for Dionysus either.

A Dionysia that gives us nothing but, more debts.

While these sports freaks get nothing but, these petty glamorous gifts.

Joe Namath did better in a real sport called American  football.

 Athletes like Babe Ruth were a real baseball hero that worked for a living.

So did Arnold Palmer on the golf course.

That sets a good example for people.

Yet, professional sports make money.

Kitten feels cheated.

If you feel cheated too.

Kitten understands.

What Kitten really hates is the Morality, and Ethics embodied in these Dionysia harm girls immeasurably. Corruption has gotten into the Athletes. We have all this Dirty Language, and these Grab Ass Routines. There are these Filthy Jokes, and Damned Pranks. This is all subversive. It can undermine your life. You have got to really learn to hates stuff like that. They just want to have Sex like animals, or no Sex at all. There is no Romance, and no Reverence for Love at all. This makes life terrible for girls.

The Dionysia like this is contrary to Love.

  As you should know the Witchery Witch Book gives the Initiation, Empowerment, and Explanation of Amour,  Plenty, and Severity. If you have not read that book by Kitten. Then do so now, before preceding further.

Pay attention to Kitten!

Let's get on with it. This is going on to the Deep Teachings of Amour. Amour is a Celestial Love Goddess. Amour becomes concerned as we all must be when people harm Love. Everything is held together by Love. Life exists because, Love exists. Amour propagates a better Love in order to have a better Life. That is to establish a Civilization Ruled by Amour. Amour is in control of Our Civilization in the Manner of Juno. All of us, including everything we have is a product of Amour. That has always, been the Order of Everything since, the Dawn of Time whether, people realize it, or not. It is just so. It is axiomatic that we are all Born from Amour.

Kitten says, it is not wrong to propitiate Amour by any means pleasing to Her Majesty Amour.

Here we are again.  This is from the Palace of King Louis  XIV in Versailles, France. The magnificence of the Sun King is there for us. The theme is the Apotheosis of Hercules. Lord Hercules is being made into a God. So now, Hercules is recognized as a God.
This is a blown up version that reveals that Persephone is in the Cart on the upper right along with Ceres dressed in white, and Minerva at the right of Ceres. Hestia is right next to Minerva.

The Virtue, or Catherine hovering near Persephone  (Proserpina) is  Goodness as the Hope of Redemption.

Dionysus is next to Mercury.

Bacchus is behind Faunas.

Aphrodite is next to Cupid being given laurels by Astarte obviously, not Persephone but, could be. Venus  is sitting just behind Astarte. The two Catherines closest to Venus, are Eros, and Play.
Morpheus is in the picture but, not where Kitten said He was.

Aesculapius, along with the Twins, or  the Fighters, or Castor, and Pollux, Cassius, and Brutus, along with the Reveler Mithra with drawn sword with other Revelers are being cast towards Earth.

Likewise on the left side the Brawlers are being cast down.

We will work on this later.

There is the Rainbow Goddess Girl Maia sliding down the Rainbow after Maia has gone up to Heaven. Maia is a Key Rainmaking Deity.

Saturn is top left hand corner with Saturn's Scythe. God of the Harvest also, Saturn, or Chronos Father Time.

The two Goddesses, or Luminaries below Saturn beneath the Rainbow are Hebe, and Sappho. Note the Divine Hebe and Sappho have Four Attendants: Ops Wealth, Alana the Nymph of Rome, Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons, and Luna the Full Moon.

Greeting Ceremony

Good Day Hebe!
Thank you Hebe!
I Love you Hebe!
Good Day Sappho!
Thank you Sappho!
I Love you Sappho!
Good Day Hippolyta!
Thank you Hippolyta!
I Love you Hippolyta!
Good Day Ops!
Thank you Ops!
I Love you Ops!
Good Day Alana!
Thank you Alana!
I Love you Alana!
Good Day Luna!
Thank you Luna!
I Love you Luna!
Good Day Avilla!
Thank you Avilla!
I Love you Avilla!
Good Day Astarte!
Thank you Astarte!
I Love you Astarte!
Good Day Persephone!
Thank you Persephone!
I Love Persephone!

Holly Greeting Ceremony

The Holen are making the Rain!
The Holen are making the Rain!
The Holen are making the Rain!

An Explanation of the Daily Greetings

We find Hebe in bed with Sappho of the Court of Diana.
The Attendants, or Entourage of Hebe can be Named.
Hebe is the Water Sign Aquarius.
That is where Hebe's Cup comes from.
Hippolyta the Queen of the Amazons usually, with Venus.
Ops Goddess of Wealth and Alana the Nymph of Rome as Luxury, and Necessity.
Ops, and Alana the Rulers of the Universe we have just Entered.
Luna of the Full Moon and Cynthia a Companion of Diana as the Poodle.
Avilla as the Wealth of Ops in Three Places with Venus.
Astarte is several different Deities.
The Goddess Nuit of the Starry Heavens the Sun at Night still the Goddess Hathor.
The Friendship as come down.
Urania Aphrodite the Muse of Astronomy.
These Four come down from the same place.
Astarte down for the First Time.
Astaroth the Creditor.
Ashtoreth God of War.
Jezebel the Prophetess.
Jezebel was a Phoenician Princess who went up to Join the Friendship.
Persephone Destruction as a Friend.
Ceres Property is a Friend.
Tanith Pene Baal the Girl awards a Friendly Juno.
Luv as Tanith Pene Baal is Juno.

The Two Flower Maidens of Maia above are sliding down the Rainbow.

Top are the Holy Angels of the Sanctuary (Catherines).

On the right side are Apollo and the Twelve Muses. Clio, the Muse of History; Euterpe, the Muse of Lyric Poetry; Thalia, Muse of Comedy, and Idyllic Poetry; Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy; Terpsichore, the Muse of  Music, and Dancing; Erato, the Muse of Erotic Poetry, Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry, and Rhetoric;  Urania,  the Muse  of Astronomy; Polyhymnia, or Polymnia, the Muse of  Sacred Hymns, and Harmony.